Saturday, May 31, 2014

may budget

Target dress [seen here]: $25
Old Navy shorts [seen here]: originally $22, on promotion for $10
Target dress [seen here]: $25
J.Crew Factory shorts: originally $40, on promotion for $20
J.Crew Factory shirt: originally $60, on promotion for $30

May budget: $110
Left for June + July: $390

And that completes May's budget...and two years of budgeting (see my original post about budgeting here, and a follow up from a year ago)! At this point, having a clothing budget is both a necessity and something that comes natural. Knowing that there's a point I can't cross (or don't allow myself to) has really curbed a lot of impulses purchases (or really just keeping of said impulses). The things I pay for and keep are things I really see myself wearing a lot, and looking back at my shopping habits from two years ago, I'm so happy that I started this.

The best part of my current set up is because it's a quarterly system, I have a bit of wiggle room in what I spend each month. This month I ended up ordering a ton of different things, but only kept the five things I really liked. Both Target dresses are awesome, and something I have worn basically every other day since I received them. I did end up making the black/white dress into a v-neck with some questionable sewing tactics (you can kind of see the end result here), and now it's truly the perfect summer dress. The shorts are helping me get out out of the jorts rut of previous summers, and the short-sleeved oxford will be perfect for date nights and future school outfits (and unlike a lot of the tops at J.Crew Factory, it isn't boxy!)

Unfortunately this means a few of the things I was most excited about are being sent back. This includes these pants from Loft that I had high hopes for but they were too baggy in the butt for me, plus I didn't love the pocket in the front because it looks slightly pleated, so back they go. I did love the relaxed vibe though, so I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for something similar but more flattering on me.
Even more disappointing is that the Madewell dress that I bought myself as a "hey, first year of medical school didn't kill you" present didn't work either. I had such high hopes for it! The color is beautiful, the stitching is fun, and I loved the v-neck and the fact that it had sleeves.  It has a slight drop waist, which I was hoping wouldn't be obvious but it totally is. Without a belt it is too loose, but it looks strange belted at my waist. It's also too short for the occasion coming up that I wanted to wear it to, so back it goes. If you happen to be a fan of drop-waist dresses, go out and buy this puppy and think of me every time you look awesome in it, because I'll just be over here, seething with jealousy. 

Moral of the story: budgeting isn't always fun, but it saves you anger in the long run. I could easily keep all of the things I purchased, but 6 months from now I'd be kicking myself that I spent money on something I never wear. UGH RESPONSIBILITY. 

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