Thursday, May 22, 2014

helllllllo summer

DSC00433 I'M DONE! My first year of medical school is officially over and I truly can not believe it. The first weeks of school are still so vivid in my mind because the transition from working/funempolyement to sitting in class all day/studying all night wasn't the easiest. But I survived, learned a whole bunch of things, and plan on enjoying every last second of my last free summer. I'm working in our cadaver lab for 4 weeks, but other than that, my summer is going to be all about being outside, traveling, camping, and sitting by the pool. I CAN'T WAIT!

Ten free weeks away from school also means ten weeks of no dress code! We luckily get to wear scrubs to work in the lab, so I'm excited to take full advantage of shorts, sundresses, and sandals any time I'm not skinning bodies (my life is so so glamorous, I know). I got this dress last week and love the pattern and fit. I'm debating making the crew-neck into a v-neck though in the near future - anyone have any tips?  I like that I can dress it up now for school (and even in the winter with boots and a cardigan) but I can also wear it casually this summer.

If you haven't received the email yet, J.Crew Factory is currently having their huge Memorial Day sale. I ordered these shorts (in blue and red in different sizes to try on), this fun tee, and these simple sandals. I really wish that they made the 4 or 5 inch shorts in this grey color, but they don't, so I may have to check out these from Old Navy instead. Otherwise I really don't want to get too carried away with summer clothes as I basically live in Everlane tees anyway. 

So those are my summer plans! Okay, and maybe studying just a tiny tiny bit ;)

Dress: Target [exact]
Belt: The Limited
Shoes: Old Navy [these would be fun!]