Tuesday, October 28, 2014

october budget

J.Crew Pencil Skirt: on sale for $66 [it's still on sale!]
J.Crew Blouse: on sale for $28 [also still on sale]
Tory Burch Reva Flats: birthday present to myself :)

October total: $110
Quarter budget: $155 in August + $189 in September + $110 in October = $454

With a busy past few months of school, I felt like I wasn't as meticulous about keeping up with my exact budget. I usually know at the top of my head how much I am working with, but that wasn't the case, at least not during our cardiology block! All month I thought I was wayyyyy over budget, when it turns out that I'm actually under, leaving me almost $50 under my quarterly budget. A big part of that of course has to do with buying myself a pair of shoes that aren't a part of my budget (I put $20 away every month and buy myself something for my birthday each year). I did decide that I am going to return the grey pants from the Limited - I love the look of the shape of them, but I think I can find a pair where the wrinkling/pulling isn't as apparent. I did order this pair from Express to try on as well, but the fabric was a bit too shiny for my taste, so they are going back too,

That leaves me with three items I'm really excited about. I finally have a black pencil skirt - it fits me well in the thighs but is about 2 inches too big in the waist, so I'm going to take it to a tailor (except mine just moved away so now I have to find a new one. booooo) so I have that perfect black skirt. The crinkle boy shirt was a lucky find on a sales rack while we were in Pittsburgh, and combined with an in-store student discount, it made it even cheaper. And of course, that Target scarf may as well be permanently stapled to my neck because I wear it that often. 

Looking ahead, I would really like to find a pair of grey pants, so I may just periodically order a few different ones when good sales come up. Speaking of good sales, like I mentioned yesterday, I did put in a small order which includes this moto jacket through LOFT during a flash sale, but since they haven't arrived yet (and I therefore haven't decided if I'm keeping them), they will be included in next month's post. I also have a fun few posts coming up that will include adding a pair of Paige denim to my closet, although I haven't decided if I'm going to go for the traditional dark wash, or something a bit more fun like these green skinnies.

I feel very grateful for the few amazing pieces that came my way this month. I received these SOREL boots (see the full post here), this beautiful necklace that goes along with a great cause, a rose-gold MK watch from Shopbop, and the perfect date night top from Kris and Kate.

So that rounds up another quarter of budgeting for me. I'd love to hear about how you did with sticking to your budget! Add your link below, and as always, please make sure you link back to this post so your readers can read and discover other budget posts!