Monday, October 6, 2014

staple on sale: tory burch reva ballet flats

tory burch reva ballet flats
I received a pair of Tory Burch Reva flats for my birthday two years ago, and I wore them to the ground. I seriously wore them every day, no matter the weather (and that meant a lot of snowy mornings). By the beginning of last winter, they really started to show their wear - the elastic in the back was completely worn off, and my feet slide out of them all the time. I've been debating replacing them for a while now, even though I felt that $200+ was just too much to take out of my quarterly budget for one pair of flats.

I finally pulled the trigger today because Tory Burch is having their friends and family event. With the code FRIENDLIEST you get 25% off your purchase. I decided to go with this pair this time because I've been wearing a lot more gold in recent months. I have a few more shoes to choose from now though (and more seasonal appropriate footwear), so I'm hoping these last for many years. If you've wanted a brand new pair of Revas, today is the day  as I've never seen them cheaper (and the sale ends tonight)!

(& if you want the look for even less, these flats are half the price of the Revas)