Thursday, October 2, 2014

playing favorites

DSC03123There are a few things in my closet that I wish I could wear all of the time. My navy schoolboy blazer. That white ASOS shirt I bought earlier in the summer. Madewell's skinny jeans. And now this dress. I won't go as far as saying it's a magic dress, but it's pretty darn close. How else can it be so comfortable but yet look nice?


Dress: Old Navy [exact]*
Scarf: H & M [similar]
Earrings: eBay [exact]**
Shoes: Banana Republic [exact on sale]
Belt: Gap 
* Reviews say it runs short, so I ordered it in a large tall. It's slightly too big in my waist (as you can see by the extra fabric) but I hope that shrinks slightly with a wash and low-heat dry. Otherwise a quick few minutes with a sewing machine will fix that right up!

** I have fairly sensitive ears, and these are the first pair of costume jewelry earrings that don't hurt my ears at all. I've worn them for several hours over several days, and there hasn't been any sensitivity. While they're a pretty trendy thing right now, some trends (at the right price!) are fun to participate in :)