Thursday, February 12, 2015

review: everlane's heavyweight tee

everlane's striped shirt I have been a long time fan of Everlane. Since reviewing my first t-shirt purchase two years ago, I've worn one of their tees probably 5 out of 7 days of every week. I find that they fit me so well, they really hold up, and are just all around the best tees I've found. I even got my friends and boyfriend hooked! So needless to say, when they announced that they were coming out with a striped shirt, I was SO PUMPED. I own probably half a dozen striped shirts of various colors and stripe widths, but I feel I'm always look for that perfect striped shirt. I don't know exactly what the requirements for this perfect shirt are, but I'll know when I find it ;)

So in hopes that the Everlane striped shirt would be that perfect shirt,  I ordered the grey/white version in my normal size (large). I was hoping they would have a few more color choices, but the grey one was my more my style (and something I don't already own). When I first took it out of the packaging, it seems a bit bigger than the tees I already own, and I feared that the sizing was a bit off (I find that their cashmere runs almost a size too large). Once I put it on, I was glad I got my normal size since a medium wouldn't have fit my shoulders So here's what the shirt looks like, not tucked in or sleeves rolled:
Everlane's Women's Heavyweight Tee Review
Women's Heavyweight Tee

and here's how it compares to their v-neck tees (both are brand new, unwashed):
everlane reviews

Things I like about the shirt: 
  • It's a really beautiful thick cotton fabric. It's thick enough to be worn on its own but not too thick that you couldn't layer a cardigan over it. I could see myself wearing this a ton in the winter with various scarves.
  • The arms are long enough, something that doesn't always happen
  • It's a bit longer too, which is great for a more casual vibe 
  • The side vent is a cute detail that also helps the shirt sit better

Things I wish they had done differently: 
  • I'm not a fan of dropped shoulders. I feel it rounds out my already round shoulders even more
  • The neckline feels just an inch too high on my throat - when I move my arms back, it puts pressure on my throat.
  • The cut is a bit boxier than their tees, which makes me look...more boxy
  • I wish it came in black and white! That's probably my biggest complaint, and I could overlook the other issues if it was in a color I really wanted. 
Everlane striped shirt review
Women's Heavyweight Tee review

So in the end, this is not my "perfect" shirt. It's a beautiful shirt, but I wish I could just tweek a few things to make it exactly how I want it. I do have my eye on this top though, because it seems to fit a few more of my requirements. 

If you are interested in learning a bit more about Everlane, you can sign up here using my referral code, or here without. Some of the nicest, and most worn, items in my closet are from Everlane, and it's truly a company I believe in. 

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