Sunday, February 8, 2015

top three [2.08.2015]

a light weight sweater across the season

  • Capgras delusion is a mental disorder where people believe that their loved ones have been replaced with impostors. The cause of this hasn't been discovered yet, but it sounds horrible. Here's an NPR story about it!
  • If during a pregnancy a mother has hypothyroidism, the fetus suffers severe deficiences once born. The medical term for this is "cretinism", which is a word that stems from the word Christian, because at the time it was discovered, people believed that these people were so mentally impaired that they were incapable of sinning. 
  • Don't google carbuncle. or furuncle. 

  • I saw this watch recently on pinterest via instagram and I'm so in love with it. I definitely don't need another watch right now, but it's fun to daydream. 
  • Wouldn't this top look great with some dark skinny jeans, cognac leather, and gold accessories? 
  • Do you have a hot date for Saturday and don't know what to wear? This dress will be perfect (now, and in the spring!)
  • P.S. Did you see that Everlane came out with a striped tee?! I'll be sure to do a full review when mine comes!

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  • Happy 30th birthday to my bff Caitlin - we all celebrated for a few hours on Friday night (while responsibly drinking water between each drink) and it was exactly what we all needed. I don't know what I would do without you! 
  • I was nominated for student of the month this month :)
  • So I live in a pretty cute little townhouse community where half the residents are med students, and the other half are families with small children. We feel super safe there, and feel we got really lucky with our living situation. So imagine my surprise when I came home Wednesday morning to find a bunch of cops and DEA agents outside my house. Apparently my neighbor a few doors down, who I had never seen since they moved in a few months ago, was a member of a Mexican drug cartel and was being busted for cocaine and heroine trafficking. I had noticed some strange people in our area the days leading up to that, and when I mentioned that to one of the agents, he said it was his people staking out the area! It was seriously like real life Breaking Bad.