Sunday, February 22, 2015

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Franco Sarto Women's L-Motor Motorcycle
OTK boots (that also come in this amazing maroon color): one | two | three
  • Did you know that there are a very small percentage of women who have two uteruses (uteri?) - some even have two vaginas! Most aren't discovered until infertility problems appear, although many are still able to carry babies to full term. 
  • Hermaphroditism is a condition I still have trouble always wrapping my head around. Basically, a hermaphrodite is someone who has both ovarian and testicular tissues. There are various forms, but the basic concept is that there is a discrepancy between the genetic sex (so being XX or XY), the gonad morphology (testes or ovaries), and the external genitalia (penis or vagina). This documentary goes into it more and a few people's experiences with being born a hermaphrodite. There is also a woman Olympic runner who was found, after testing, to be externally female but had no uterus, and had undescended testes instead. 
  • Learning about the process of baby making (mmhmmm) is both inspiring and scary. There are SO many things that have to happen to 1. get pregnant, 2. keep the pregnancy, and 3. have a completely healthy child. It's shocking that the human race even exists because so much can go wrong at any point along the road from conception to birth. 

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  • I stumbled upon these pewter chinos and have fallen in dress pants love. Wouldn't the coral pair be fun too? 
  • I got my sister this to-go palette for Christmas, and now want it for myself. It would drastically cut down the amount of makeup I have to schlep back and forth between my house and my boyfriend's. Think he'll notice if another product shows up in his medicine cabinet? ;)
  • This sweater would be a great alone or layered over a button up...and with it being under $20, you can even pick it up in two colors. Looking to add something to your order? How about this amazing stacked ring (it does all the hard work for you) or this double zip shoulder bag?

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  • SPOILERS for GoT: A couple of years late to the game, but CR and I have been watching about 20 minutes of Game of Thrones every night before we go to bed. We just finished season three, and you guys, I don't know if I can continue! The "red wedding" was so horrible, and I can't stop thinking about it. I know it's just TV, but as George M.M. Martin said, you should grieve if a fictional character is killed. Good thing I get more of Robb's beautiful eyes in the upcoming Cinderella movie. He's just so dreamy. 
  • I, like probably a lot of women, am constantly growing out my hair only to cut it because I got bored. This is how long my hair was before I cut it off three-ish years ago, and I've regretted it a ton since then (also it's kind of fun to look back at early blogging Fran haha). I am getting my hair cut on Tuesday (it's been four months...) and while I'm kind of bored with my hair currently, I will NOT cut it off...but I do want to change something. I'm thinking something like this - just a little different without chopping all my hair off! 
  • After a very frustrating initial attempt to start a blog redesign (the person apparently dropped off the face of the planet after I paid her...), I have found a new designer and I'm so excited to spruce things up around here. No major changes, just a few updates since everything you see on this oh so professional blog has been done by me, someone who has very little computer or design training. I'm also debating replacing the traditional blogger comments with Disqus - I think it would be better just because you get notifications if I or someone else responds to your comment. Anyone feel strongly about it either way?