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  • It's Melanoma Awareness Month! Do you know the changes a mole can undergo that make them worrisome for skin cancer, specifically melanoma (the most dangerous type of skin cancer)? Joyce, a dermatology resident, describes those changes her in recent blog post. If you have any concerns about a mole, please make an appointment with your PCP or dermatologist as soon as possible. 
  • To contract Lyme disease from a tick, the tick usually needs to be attached for 36-48 hours to transmit the bacteria that causes the disease. Always do a body check after spending time in the woods and long grasses!
  • The ciguotoxin is a toxin that accumulates in certain types of fish, and when ingested by humans, can cause the human to change hot and cold senses into the other (like they taste hot liquids as cold). The condition is called ciguatera.  (thanks to my friend Kira for this fun fact!)

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  • For those of you about to start clinicals: my advice on what to wear on clinical rotations! (I am planning on writing a "shoes on rotations" post - hopefully I'll have it up soon!). 
  • Remember how I donated my green vest, and then bought a new one this year? I do plan on wearing it a bit more toned down than I did here haha
  • A review of 2014

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  • I'm looking for an everyday short to wear this summer. The last few summers I've spent lots of money on cheap pairs of shorts but haven't found a pair I truly like. Do you have any suggestions? I just want something simple, probably neutral, that will fit well. I find it tricky since there is so much less area to get a good fit, know what I mean? Oh, and I'm willing to pay more than $20 now that I know the $20 pairs aren't cutting it for me. Thanks!
    • You guys know how much I hate warm weather clothing, so I totally understand the struggle! I have a pair of denim shorts I wear basically all summer long because they are casual and fit well - mine are old, but this pair from Caslon look very similar. I've also found that my black shorts get me pretty far in the summer - I have this pair from Old Navy, but if you are looking to spend a bit more, Volcom also makes what looks like a nice pair. On the more inexpensive end, a classic pair of Levi's, even if not expensive, will last you forever! Don't forget, it's about how something fits you, rather than how expensive it is - I've tried on $200 shorts that looked horrible on me, but have worn my Old Navy shorts for like four summers. If you find a pair that fits you almost perfectly but maybe are too big in the waist, you can always have a tailor take them in too! Don't be afraid to make something work for you even if it doesn't fit right off the rack. 
  • How do you keep your black jeans looking so black? I have a pair and after the first wash they were significantly less black and faded. Do you do something special to keep them dark, or is it more in the quality of the jeans?
    • It's definitely both how you wash your jeans and the quality, but even expensive jeans are prone to fading. First of all, I don't wash my jeans every time after I wear them - in fact, I don't wash any of my clothes after wearing them once (except of course work out clothes). I'm not a sweaty person, I shower every day, and my clothes aren't dirty, so I don't waste time and money on washing clothes that don't need to be washed. Washing your clothes isn't good for them either, so the less you have to do it, the longer they last. Second of all, when I do wash my jeans (which is like every 3-5th wear), I always turn them inside out. No idea how much of an affect that has, but I've read that over and over again, so I do it. Lastly, I use this laundry detergent - it's my secret weapon for keeping my dark clothes dark! 
  • You mentioned your "home uniform" consists of black pants, an white Everlane tee and a drapey sweater. I LOVE the simplicity having a set uniform brings to getting dressed in the morning! I already have favorite black pants (Athleta leggings...yes, they do count as pants! :)) and am planning on purchasing my very first Everlane tee...wondering what drapey sweaters you would recommend? Thanks a bunch!

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  • Hello from Long Island! Our close friend and classmate Amy is originally from here, and invited us to come here for her graduation party. I've never been to Long Island, so this has been such a fun experience! It took us 11 hours to get here on Friday (did you catch up the updates on snapchat? We had fun with it!), and have since ate our way through the island. We had such a good time! It's always interesting to see where your friends are from and to get to know their families, especially if you've heard so much about it for years. 
  • Can you believe we are three weeks away from graduation?! I can hardly believe it! 
  • One more week until we officially close on our house!! Please tell me nothing can go wrong at this point...