Tuesday, May 2, 2017

hair products I'm currently loving

I've been trying out a few new hair products recently, so I wanted to discuss them all in one place! 

First up is L'oreal's Ever Pure shampoo in the Frizz Defy version. I've been using the Ever Pure line for years - I think it's one of the reasons my hair has been doing so well the last few years. This line of shampoo is sulfate free, and for around $8, always a really good deal. My bottle also says it's 100% vegan, if that's something you're interested in (it wasn't something I was looking for in a shampoo as I'm not vegan, but I did think that was interesting!). Anyway, I've tried a bunch of different Ever Pure shampoos, usually sticking with the version for colored hair. I picked up this Frizz Defy shampoo + conditioner the other day, and my hair has never been so soft while in the shower ever. It was actually the inspiration for this post because I was like "I have to share this!!!". So if you're looking for an inexpensive shampoo from the drugstore, I would highly recommend the Ever Pure line, especially this Frizz Defy Shampoo!
I've been using Kiehl's smoothing heat protector for years and years now, but was tempted to try out DryBar's Hot Toddy recently. This is mainly a heat protector - it promises to protect up to 450 degrees F, and also to repair split ends. I will say, this smells amazing - I think my hair always smells so good after using it! I find that a lot of spray heat protectors leave hair stiff and not very touchable, so I've always preferred a cream version. That being said, I don't think I've noticed a ton of difference between this and the Kiehl's version. Both say they protect your hair (but how do you know if it really does? No idea, I just have to believe it works!), both make your hair smooth, and make it more manageable. Since the Kiehl's cream is $17 for 5 ounces, versus $30 for 3.4 ounces of the Hot Toddy, I'm going to go back to the Kiehl's cream once this is done. It's not because I think the Hot Toddy isn't doing a good job, I just know I get the same results for less money.
 bumble and bumble thickening cream review
I have these little short hairs along my right hairline that I've never managed to completely grow out (if you look at these pictures, you can see what I mean). No matter how much deep conditioner and minimal heat I apply to it, the hair just doesn't really stop breaking off there. I've used various methods to try to tame them (as they are frizzier and stick off my head) over the years. I recently tried Bumble and Bumble's contour cream while playing with hair products at Sephora, and it did such a great job of making the hairs lay flat without making them stiff or sticky. You really only need a tiny amount, especially if you have fine hair like I do, so I'd imagine that this jar would last for years and years. I think it's originally meant for shorter hair styles, but it has been doing a great job for me taming my baby hairs! If you also struggle with those short hairs along your hairline, this could be a good option to help tame them!
The last item I wanted to mention is Aveda's Shampure dry conditioner. I had never heard of a dry conditioner before, but I was excited to receive this from Aveda as I'm a huge fan of their dry shampoo. I would say this is similar to a detangling spray, except that you use it on dry hair rather than before blow drying wet hair. I've been using this on day three and four of my ~ 5 day hair process, as my hair tends to get a bit tangled from all the teasing and quick buns I do. As with all Aveda hair products, it has a slight floral/herbal smell, which I really enjoy, but I know some people are quite sensitive to smells, so I wanted to mention it just in case! This would be a great option for those of you, like me, trying to constantly push how many days you can go before you need to wash your hair again (mostly while figuring out your social calendar! 😂).

Alright, that's it for today! I have my eye on a couple of products in the future - t3 has some gorgeous curlers that I'd love to try on my hair since I love my curling iron from t3 so much (see Veronika's review here), Aveda's moisturizing hair mask, and eventually I'd really like to upgrade my current hair dryer (anyone have one they just love?) .