Sunday, May 21, 2017

top three [05.21.2017]

a few updates from the new place!

  • Have you heard that scientists have created a 3D ovary? It's being made in hopes of some day being able to use them for women with infertility. So far it's only been proven to work in mice, but what an amazing concept! 
  • Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome is a condition characterized by shorter stature, moderate learning disabilities, and notably, broad thumbs and big toes
  • Darwin's tubercle is a thickening of the ear named by Darwin in his book The Descent of Man - CR has this and I always tease him about it ;)

on the internet

  • Although I don't own a single off-the-shoulder or one shoulder item, I kind of love this lace dress from Loft. If it came in navy, I'd immediately buy it and wear it to every event this summer. 
  • Speaking of off-the-shoulder....doesn't it feel like every other shirt made right now is that type of shirt?! It feels impossible to find something that just fits like a normal shirt! I'm going to order this Pleione half peplum top in hopes that it's a cute spring shirt...that doesn't expose my shoulders or require a strapless bra ;)
  • I love this minimalistic sandal from Sole Society - the extra strap means it's more likely to actually stay on your feet!


on franish

at home
  • We have been busy worker bees over here at our new house! So far, we have painted the downstairs, painted the staircase and upstairs landing, painted all the downstairs trim, and installed our kitchen cabinets. Have you been following along on insta-stories? You guys are constantly giving the best suggestions, and it's just fun to share the progress we have made. 
  • A few of you have reached out about the lack of Healthyish posts the last couple weeks. To be honest, I've just been incredibly busy, and don't have the time right now to work out consistently or write about it (between everything going on right now, blogging took a bit of a backseat). My goal is to restart it in the middle of June, after we have moved in. I'm excited to find new work out classes and explore new grocery stores in my area! 
  • This is my last week of school....ever! Around this time next week, my dad will be hooding me and I'll officially be Dr. Hasselhof - crazy! To celebrate, this week's posts are all about medical school, from the numbers to how it's changed me to what shoes are the most comfortable. I can't wait to share them with you!