Sunday, April 30, 2017

top three [04.30.2017]

  • Biggest news of the week was a study came out that artificial wombs are being created to help premature babies. This could be a huge development in the world of neonatology. Many babies are born prematurely due to reasons like incompetent cervixes or because the mother has a condition like pre-eclampsia that can only be cured by delivery. This would give those babies a chance to continue developing in "the ideal" conditions. I'm very excited to see where this research goes!
  • "Hexenmilch" is German for "witch's milk", which is an old term that used to be used to describe galactorrhea of the newborn. Babies are born under the hormonal influence of their mother, so a withdrawal of those hormones can lead to babies "lactating"!
  • If you are someone who follows doctors on social media, Natalie and I would be so thankful if you would fill out this survey for us. There's a chance for you to win a $200 giftcard at the end!

on the internet
  • Dani shares her favorite things to do in Madison, and it makes me want to buy a ticket home immediately. I miss it so much!
  • Krista wrote a great post about the current Instagram algorithm. Anyone who is an "influencer" has seen changes, and her post talks about how you can combat some of those new issues. 
  • I think about what Jane says in this post all the time. I'm also addicted to my phone - it's basically always in my hand. I feel like I've been trying to resist every urge to pick up my phone but it's hard! 

  • I posted on instastories about this earlier this week, but one of my go-to tricks for wearing dresses in the warmer months is wearing these shorts underneath them. There is nothing worse than having your legs chaf from rubbing together after walking all day! They do add just a bit of warmth, but I take a little bit more sweating over aching skin any day! 
  • Over the years, I've realized that skirts are really the only way I'll get through summer. I'm thinking this striped beauty has to be mine (and tbh, I'd basically wear it exactly like Katie did because I'm a giant copy cat). 
  • If you're looking for a simple sandal for this spring and summer, try these cut out ones from Loft. The low heel makes they flattering but comfortable, and the nude coloring means they go with everything!

on franish

at home
  • I had my first experiences with food poisoning earlier this week, and wow, do I never want to experience that ever again. It was a cycle of vomiting, sleeping, feeling awful, vomiting for about six hours. Awful!
  • This week marks my last rotation EVER! This is my 24th rotation, and I'll be in the ED since it gives me a bit of flexibility with our schedule. May is JAM PACKED - we are going to Long Island next weekend, Rochester the weekend after that, we are hopefully closing on a house the week after that, then we are going to see Mumford and Sons, and then we graduate! Lots happening, all things I'm really excited for!
  • Also, hello from NYC! I'm in the city mainly to go wedding dress shopping with my mom and sister. We had one appointment yesterday, and have the main ones today. I have a very good idea of what I'm looking for, now I just need to find "the one". Fingers crossed!