Friday, April 28, 2017

april budget

J.Crew shoes: originally $118, on sale for $90
J.Crew skirt: originally $128, on sale for $95

April budget: $285

Quarterly budget: $500 - $60 in February  - $130 in March - $285 in April

I was going to say this is the most exciting budget post I've had in a while, until I look at the picture and realized it's all neutral color 😂 (although technically the sweater is a blush and not tan). But I am so excited about the items I purchased. I actually bought the Leith dress last month, and for some reason didn't include it in my budget post, so it's here now (you can see the review of it here). 

If you follow along on instastories, you know we had a lengthy discussion about the polka dot skirt. When I saw it in stores a few weeks ago, I beelined for it. I basically knew I had to have it, and so waited for a sale, and ordered it. I almost didn't want it to fit or have it be a really poor quality so I wouldn't be tempted to keep it, but you guys...this skirt. The pattern is adorable, the fabric is thick and forgiving, and since it's in such neutral colors, I know I could wear it with a bunch of different items I already own. On the other hand, I'm about to start a residency where I do spend the majority of the time in scrubs. After lots of discussions with readers, I've decided to keep it. I just love it so much, and it's rare for me to really really love something. So I'll just be a little more dressed up for clinic and look for reasons to wear it. I think sometimes it's okay to keep something you really love even if it's not always the most practical. Sometimes I'm a bit tired of always being practical! 

But I did lean more on the practical side with the pointed toe flats. My friend saw me looking at them a few weeks ago and said "those literally look like they were made for you" because they are everything I want in a shoe! I love the look of pointed toe flats (even if I only have two pairs of them) and they are such a neutral shoe that I can wear them with just about everything in my closet. I will probably end up having to put in an insole in them as they don't provide a ton of support, just as an fyi for those looking for shoes!

As far as sponsored posts, I worked with JCPenney on post (you can see it here). I'm obsessed with the dress and jean jacket, both of which are coming with me to NYC this weekend! Although most of our trip is centered around wedding dress shopping (!), you know there will be a bit of shopping involved. Fingers crossed I find both a dress and my graduation present to myself (eek! I'm so excited). 

sidenote: if you have just a few minutes, would you mind helping me out on a research project by filling out this survey? One participant will win a $200 Nordstrom giftcard. Thank you!

Your turn!