Tuesday, April 25, 2017

gift ideas for graduating medical students

what to get a medical student for gradution
With thousands of medical students across the country getting ready to graduate from medical school, I've received several requests for a gift guide...which luckily, I've been thinking about for months now! I love making gift guides, and having made a Christmas one for medical student for the past four years, I was excited to make one for upcoming graduates. I've had a few items on my list for a while, I've asked my girlfriends, and I consulted google (although the posts I found were from 2005 and recommended buying mp3 players, so only a bit outdated!). Below are 14 items that I think would make great gift ideas for any student about to graduate from medical school!
  1. Patagonia fleece (embroidery optional): Consider it a part of their "welcome to residency" uniform. A lot of residents choose to wear a comfortable fleece versus the traditional white coat while working in the hospital. While there are a ton of different companies that make fleeces, my personal favorite is the Patagonia "better sweater". To make it more personalized, you can take it to any local embroidery shop to have their new doctor title and department embroidered on it! Don't forget that the proper way to write a doctor's name is either (I'll use my name as an example):  Dr. Franziska Hasselhof, or Franziska Hasselhof, DO (not "Dr. Franziska Hasselhof, DO"). 
  2. Diploma frame: Most school bookstores sell these online, and I think it's one of the best "traditional" presents you can get any recent grad! CR's parents have gotten him one for every degree he's received, and I'm so jealous (although I graduated from college six years ago, I'm debating finally getting one from UW for my undergrad degree). This is one present I'd love to receive - they are so pricey, and really allow a new grad to show off that degree they worked so hard for.
  3. Apple Watch: You can read my full review of my Apple Watch here, and why I love it, but in short, it's great to have access to your phone on your watch, and as soon-to-be residents, we all need a watch! You can get one of the older series for around $200
  4. Lunch boxes: Not the sexiest of all presents, but definitely practical! With most of us putting in around 80 hours a week some weeks, having a way to keep your food cool for hours at a time will be super important! Even though I have a food allowance for our cafeteria, I know that I'll personally try to bring most of my own food to stay on track with my dieting goals. 
  5. Subscription Wine boxes: When I asked my girlfriends for ideas for this post, one suggestion a Wine of the Month club and the rest of us immediately responded with YES THAT IS SUCH A GREAT IDEA! What's better than having delicious wine delivered to your front step once a month? I love this idea - it's a great way to wind down at the end of the day, and the recipient can invite over some of their co-interns for wine and bonding time. It's a win all around. Here's a run down of the 12 most popular services (I think I'd try Tasting Room, myself!). 
  6. Yeti mug: With most residents showing up at the hospital between the hours of 4-6 AM, coffee or tea will be a staple for most of us. A Yeti mug will keep their beverage of choice either hot or cold for hours on end. Include a giftcard to a local coffee shop (that has an early morning drive through) or one of those subscription coffee boxes for home brewers. I'm personally hoping I can perfect my at-home mango black iced tea!
  7. Meal Subscription box: When I lived with a couple who were both residents last summer while I was on an audition rotation, they had a meal subscription service drop off supplies twice a week. They said they absolutely loved that they had to do zero work ahead of time to make delicious home cooked meals - no grocery runs, no food going bad in the fridge. They loved that they were still cooking healthy meals and spending that time together in the kitchen. These services are kind of pricey, which makes them a great gift for a recent grad! There are a ton to chose from - Refinery 29 narrowed down 16 of the most popular ones, so you can find something for any type of eater!
  8. Noise Canceling headphones: Although we will no longer have the "student" title, our learning is far from over. Between Step 3, daily education requirements, inservice exams, and board exams, we have years of exams ahead of us. Noise canceling headphones have been one of those items I use constantly, and am so thankful for! Plus they are great if someone needs to catch a few minutes of sleep in a not-so-quiet hospital call room. 
  9. Personalized mug: I love these mugs, and have a whole bunch waiting to be handed out in five weeks! 
  10. Cleaning service: This is something a different couple who were both in a surgical residency mentioned last fall. They said they received it as a graduation present, and that it's been amazing to have someone come over once every 3-4 weeks to deep clean their house. Again, something that'll be a bit pricey, but also something they'll appreciate for the several months their house is spotless at least once a month ;)
  11. iPad mini: The mini's are small enough to keep in white coat pockets, which is especially great for anyone who will be in a speciality that rounds a lot (most medicine services). It'll be great for looking up something quickly, for all of their medical apps, and for down time on quieter night shifts. 
  12. On the go charger: With a lot of hospitals switching from traditional pagers to iPhone paging systems, there's a greater chance phones will die on those longer shifts. I love that this Rebecca Minkoff charging cable keychain is just plain cute, but also hides a lightening cord. 
  13. Embroidered scrubs: While those soon to be residents going into surgical specialities will have to wear hospital-issued scrubs while in the OR, it would be nice to have a nicer set or two to wear for off-service blocks or days outside of the OR (for example, I will spend one day a week in our clinic, where I don't have to wear hospital issued scrubs). I really like Maevn's scrubs, or you can get a set from Medelita and have their names embroidered on them. 
  14. Pens: You know what's a hot commodity amongst anyone in the hospital? PENS. A big box of nice pens should last a resident quite some time. My personal favorite pens are the Tul pens and the Pilot G-2 pens. If the recent grad loves stationery and paper products, include fun highlighters, a cute pencil bag, and occupational appropriate USB flash drive!
Congrats to all of you soon-to-be doctors!