Wednesday, April 12, 2017

figuring out my "interior design"

The closer we get to figuring out our housing situation for the next few years, the more I get the itch to decorate. And then I get lost in Pinterest and HGTV and try to imagine how I would decorate and change houses, and then realize I have no idea what my "interior design" style is. Do I like farmhouse chic (a la JoJo, CR's HGTV crush) or am I more mid century modern? Can I have a farmhouse table in the same room as a wood floors - how do the woods work together? Do you put a rug underneath it? What kind of sectional is best...or no sectional, and two complimenting couches instead? TV above the fire place or on a separate wall? How many patterns are too many? Can you have gold home decor when you have silver hardware?

I really have no idea how to answer any of these questions (but if you do, please enlighten me because I'm not really joking about those questions). But I do know that we all took years to figure out our own personal clothing style, and I bet you most of us are still working on figuring it out! Which is why, for now, I'm just kind of going with what I like, without having to put a title on it. So my future home may have a farm house table, gallery walls, and gold accents every where - just because I can file it under one category doesn't mean I won't love it!

For those of you who have decorated a house, pretty much from scratch, how did you figure it all out? Did you stick with one style, or did you kind of go with your gut about what you liked and didn't like? 

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