Sunday, April 23, 2017

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  • Melkersson's Syndrome is a neurologic disorder that's characterized by a triad of recurrent facial paralysis, swelling of the face (usually the upper lip), and folds and furrows developing on the tongue (called lingual plicata). Google that last one at your own risk. 
  • An empty, non-pregnant uterus weighs around 70g and holds 5 mL. Immediately post-birth, it weights around 1,000g and holds around 5,000 mL. HOW COOL IS THAT?!
  • Plexor: the technical term for that little plastic headed hammer used to test reflexes

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  • This is the second year that Topshop has made this scalloped top, and I just really want it...except all the reviews say it runs really short and boxy. Has anyone tried it? 
  • I know these are technically for children...BUT I LOVE THEM. Now to just convince the person I share a bedroom with that they are necessary. 
  • I got this workout top a few days ago and wore it for the first time yesterday. CR (who does not have any social media) did not get it. When I tried to explain what #squadgoals was, he just looked at my blankly 😂


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  • I feel like I am in a somewhat similar situation as your story - always interested in science but decided a little later that I really loved medicine and took a gap year after graduating. Now I'm getting ready to start a post bacc so I can hopefully get into med school but I am freaking out. I'm so nervous that I won't get in or that I am not smart enough to handle it. Now that you have successfully matched - yay! - do you have any advice for newbies? Did you ever feel the same? How did you deal?
    • I have definitely felt the same way! For a lot of years, my now ex-boyfriend told me that I could never cut it in medical school. I didn't even realize how damaging that was until after we broke up, and I had to see him to pick up a few things from our old house, and he asked me if I had failed out of medical school yet. So yes, I definitely felt like I couldn't get in and be successful. You just have to surround yourself with good people who are rooting for you, to believe that you CAN do it (!), and that if you need help, to not be afraid to ask for it. Focus on school, come up with great study plans, and you'll get in and do great! :)
  • I'm starting my fourth year of pharmacy school in 2 weeks which consists of a year of month-long rotations. I'll be living in student housing for a few rotations a few hours away to be at a rural hospital. Do you have any advice on what to pack for rotations away from home or on how to prepare a capsule wardrobe for a month? 
    • I spent half of fourth year living not at home, so I definitely know about your current situation. So for things to bring that aren't clothing, I would suggest bringing your own pillows and sheets (some places provide them but you for sure want your own), a long phone cord, and snacks (soooo many snacks). As far as clothing goes, think about what your "uniform" is. For me, that's black ankle pants and a loose fitting top. So what I did was bring like 2 pairs of those pants and 5 of those shirts, and just rotated them around. For you it may be simple sheath dresses or pencil skirts with a blouse, but I find sticking with one "uniform" makes it a lot easier to pack when you're gone for a month at a time! 
  • I'm looking for cognac sandals to wear all summer. Any suggestions?

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  • We watched The OA this week and omg you guys - I couldn't stop watching! Have you seen it?! It's like a low-key sci-fi suspense, but it's not like aliens and superheroes. I found it so interesting! (It's on Netflix)
  • This is my last week of MFM - I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. It's been a good mix of gestational diabetes, and then pretty intense situations like cancer while pregnant, and rare infectious diseases. After this week, I'll be on my last rotation ever!
  • This upcoming weekend is when I'm going to NYC with my mom to go dress shopping. I've been planning our itinerary for months now, and can't wait to go explore!