Sunday, July 2, 2017

top three [07.02.2017]

this week we: painted our fireplace // got a white coat // got new shelves!

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  • So I finally tried on these high waisted jeans and you guys were so right. They are so flattering and fun to wear...and best part is that they are majorly on sale right now! Lets be twins :) 
  • How absolutely gorgeous is this crochet overlay dress from Eliza J (I promise it's so much cuter than that makes it seem). If I had a wedding to go to this summer, I'd absolutely wear that!
  • So I know this may be a bit controversial...but I could almost see myself wearing these overalls! I don't know, is that crazy? 

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  • Any suggestions on how to prepare and do well on fourth year ObGyn rotations?
    • Yes! I loved my sub-Is during fourth year because I felt like I actually got to do something, more than you did during third year (and I got to do a lot during my third year rotations!). When you first start working with the resident, make sure you let them know that you are very interested in their program, and ask them what is typically expected of fourth years. Offer to come in to pre-round (which I did, even though it meant I got to the hospital at 3:45 AM), see triage patients, and help write up "the list". Try to get to know the residents and have them get to know you. This is a time for you to get to know the program just as much as it for them to see you. Know how to hand tie, how to help getting the patient ready in the OR (help move the patient, have your gloves and gown ready, grab warm blankets, write your name on the board), and obviously know the basics of managing labor. Good luck - it's a really fun time (writing that all out makes me even more excited to finally start all of this!). 
  • I am a first year medical student and I am getting married in September. I was wondering if you have thought about kids. I know your situation is a little different since you are getting married in residency, but since you have gone through medical school - I was wondering if you had some insight on a good time to have kids. End of medical school? In residency? Or waiting till after? I really don't want to wait that long since I'll be well into my 30s when I complete residency.
    • You're right, I was in a different place than you are currently! But I completely understand trying to plan out when to have babies, something we discuss all the time now that we're in residency. Looking back, of course there are no perfect times to have a baby, but I would say there are two time that are really a bit better. Having a baby towards the end of first year would be a good time -  you're already used to the pace of medical school by the time you would be heavily pregnant, and then you have all summer to stay at home (really, your only summer off)! The other really great time would be to have the baby during the spring of fourth year - auditions and interviews are over, the Match will happen soon/has already happened, and you will have a lot more freedom and time off before residency starts in July. Of course, people make it work during all parts of school - I know women who had babies during second year and during third year. But looking back, if I had to choose, those two times would have been the most practical. 
  • I'm looking for a pair of sandals for the summer. I want something with a bit more support - any suggestions?

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  • This week has been a bit of relaxing and rushing around to get everything in order! CR started orientation, so we had several events for that (including a spouse orientation, white coat ceremony, and intern picnic!), as well as me trying to get stuff settled in the house. My mom was also here for a few days, so we had fun exploring the area. Even though we are still missing our downstairs furniture, it's starting to feel a lot more like home!
  • If you follow along on instastories, you know I just tried on a bunch of clothes (all my orders arrived on the same day!). I didn't actually buying anything prior to that in June, which is why there's no budget post, but I will have a review post up this week as well as a budget post in July (no worries, it's not going anywhere!). As a preview, I'm definitely keeping this jean + top from Madewell combo, as well as this linen top that'll be perfect for work. Still debating if that black top from Ann Taylor is staying or going!
  • Well, it's my last weekend before residency starts! Granted, we have orientation all week (and Tuesday off) so it isn't really "real" yet until the following week, but here we go! I have a lot of feelings about what is about to start, but haven't been able to really work through them yet. I'm nervous, excited, scared, honored, fearful, and hopeful. It's a confusing time, apparently!