Sunday, July 9, 2017

top three [07.09.2017]

still getting used to the doctor title ;)   (details: notebook // badge reel // shoes // mug // book)

medicine //
  • The mean age for menopause is 51.4 years old, but smokers will, on average, go into menopause 1.74 years earlier. Another reason to not smoke!
  • Gubernaculum: a pair of embryonic structures that helps the testes/ovaries descend. Plus it's a fun word to say!
  • Anotia: when a baby is born without the external ear. 

spotted //
  • I love the blue + white pattern of this dress...and that you don't need a strapless bra to wear it (looking at you, off the shoulder dresses taking over the world). 
  • I've really taken a liking to the Minnie style of Tory Burch flats - they require zero break in, and therefore they are so much more comfortable too. I love that new floral pattern they have (I have the tortoise shell ones too - so fun!). 
  • Lush has become the darling of Nordstrom, but I do have to admit, they make some really great classic looking pieces, like their new wrap dress. I'll take the pink one, please!

on the internet //

ask me anything //
  • I just started third year rotations, and my legs and feet hurt so much from standing all day. Any recommendations?
    • Compression socks are going to make a WORLD of difference for you! I didn't really start wearing them until the end of third year, and wish I had started earlier! I wear these ones from Sockwell - I know have at least six pairs, and refuse to go to work (in scrubs) without them!! I also will prop up my legs after a long day to help with the drainage and circulation. Avoid salty foods and drink water when you can!
  • How did you not let the competitive atmosphere of medical school and the students get to you? Specially with students who want to go into the same field as you?
    • That's a great question, and one that's really hard to answer because parts of it are really an internal thing. I have always been more about helping out my friends/co-students, and actually wanting to be friends with those around me. In school, our grades were not based on a bell curve, so what you got on a test is what you got - I suppose that helped in wanting to help your friends succeed. I loved getting to know people on interviews, and actually now that I think of it, even though they were 'my competition", I never even saw them that way! I saw them as my future co-workers, not something that needs to be dragged down to make me look better. One of my close friends, and former roommate, also was going for ObGyn (and now is!), and we both just wanted the other to succeed, and bonded over our experiences. It's just more fun to support those around you rather than dragging them down - that's fun for no one. 
  • Knowing how things have worked out with the residency of your dreams and the good stuff in your personal life, do you have anything you wish you could say to reassure yourself in the stressful lead-up to residency applications/interviews?
    • Oh man, of course I wish I could go back to my 22 year old self and tell her that things will work out. I think because you guys obviously weren't with me every day during the hard times, it's easy to think now "oh she has the job she wanted and a great man to marry" but it was definitely not always like that. I struggled to get into medical school, struggled at times in medical school, and spent the greater part of a decade dating the wrong person for me. So I suppose it would have been really reassuring to tell myself that yes, it will work out ("the way it's supposed to" like they say!), but having those experiences also shaped me to be who I am - grateful for the life and opportunities I've been given and have worked for. 

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at home //
  • What a week, you guys! While we are technically still going through orientation right now (one more week!), we have been going in before orientation starts to learn how to round on our patients, write notes, and put in orders. I got to help with an endometrial ablation (which is a very small procedure but it was nice to be a part of it nonetheless), and did a colposcopy. Our upperlevels could not be more kind and gracious to us interns as we learn the way of the land. Every day I'm so thankful to be where I am, even though I'm feeling extremely overwhelmed about what the future will be like.
  • CR had to work all weekend, so I used it as a time to get my life in order. Furniture was built (we got this for our kitchen for the coffee station - we just have to sand and stain the wood top to make it match our wood floors!), the house was cleaned, I organized my study materials, and today I'm spending much of the day cooking meals for the week and reading all the things. 
  • Speaking of meal prepping, do you guys have any recommendations for bakes or casseroles? Today I'm making a sweet potato egg bake, buffalo chicken spagetti squash casserole, and CR is making chili - we should be pretty set for the week haha....but I'd love to try something new!