Wednesday, February 28, 2018

review: the time I actually try a jumpsuit on

I spent four years building a professional work clothes closet...only to have a job where I wear scrubs 98% of the time. Because I never actually wear real clothes anymore, I rarely buy new clothes...which is why I think the budgetting bloggers series won't be making a comeback any time soon. But every once in a while, I get the itch to try on a few new things, so review posts aren't going anywhere! This time around I try a few new silhouettes for me, and continue to keep things that I already know work well for me ;)

 Pindot jumpsuit with lapel
First up is a jumpsuit from J.Crew. I have never tried on a jumpsuit before. I always love them on other people, but they seem somewhat impractical, and hard to find a good fit when you're a bit taller. When I saw J.Crew's blue with white polka dots jumpsuit though, I just had to try it. I'm wearing a size 10 here. I really wish that it had been made in petites and talls, as I think a lot of the fit issues are from the fact that it's too short on me. It kind of rides up my butt a bit, making me feel like I was wearing a diaper. The fabric in the front was too loose in parts and tight in others - you can see how the fabric just makes a straight shot from my chest down without any indication of curves from the side. I also found it somewhat difficult to get on and off - I couldn't get my arms out of it without some awkward moving around. All in all, not the worst it could have been, but for my body, this was not going to work on me. I really would love to find a simple black jumpsuit though - I could see myself really wearing that all summer long!

 Quilted downtown field jacket
The other item I ordered from J.Crew was their quilted field jacket. I own their original field jacket, and wear it quite a bit in the spring, so a milder winter version would have been great. I just didn't love this as much in real life as I wanted to. I'm wearing a tall large here. Even with the tall fit, I still found it hit me a bit at an awkward length - I wish it was 2 inches longer! The sleeves were also way too big on me, which just made me feel bulky. Big pluses for the jacket were the side pockets it has - I hate when you can't put your hands in your jacket pockets! It also has the adjustable side flaps (I'm sure there's a real word for those....), incase you want it to have a bit more shape, which is appreciated. Again, this one wasn't a keeper for me, but if you are a bit shorter than me, this may sit better on you than it did on me. If you're a fan of the original field jacket, have you seen they make an uncoated version now?!

The next top is from Vince Camuto, and I'm so excited about it! I'm always looking for a bit longer tops with an interesting feature - they are so easy to wear, but because they are a bit more special, it makes it look like you're wearing something fancier than you actually are - another example of this is my Karen Kane blouse. Anyway, I saw this blouse online, and ordered it in two sizes immediately. I ordered the medium and the large - I typically wear a large, but the reviews said to size down. I'm glad I listened, because the medium did end up fitting me a bit nicer than the large. The large fit well, but I liked that the medium's sleeves were a bit more fitted on me. The fabric is 96% viscose, so it just lays really nice, and feels great on. I love the slightly angled stripes (of course!) and the chiffon hem adds just a small interesting detail that makes it a great top for both casual events and dressier dates (I'm planning on wearing it tonight!). I've noticed that sizes keep popping in and out stock, so if your size is currently not in stock, keep an eye on it as it will probably come back at some point!
 Textured Georgette High/Low Blouse VINCE CAMUTO
I ordered another Vince Camuto blouse with that order - I really love this style of tops - shorter sleeves, higher neckline, with a dressier fabric, so it's super versatile, and requires no ironing. It's the best. This one was on sale, so I was twice as excited about it. It's hard to really show what it looks like in these pictures because it is black, but you can see what the white version looks like. I just love how it fits - it's longer in the back, so your butt is covered if you want to wear it with leggings or ponte pants. It's opaque, so no cami underneath is required. I'm wearing a large here, and while the description says to size down, I think a medium may have been too tight on my arms. If you're looking for a versatilte blouse that can take you from work to a date, it's so easy to accessorize. I'm very excited about this blouse. 

The next two items are ones that didn't work out for me. First up is a sweater from Free People. I've never really tried anything from Free People before and this sweater proves that some items only look good in posed positions. In the first picture in the top left, it looks super cute and casual right? Even slimming, for something that is oversized. It wasn't until you really move around that you see how oversized it is on me. I don't know why I didn't listen to the reviews about sizing down, and instead ordered it in a large. Overall, I actually really like this sweater - the fabric is soft, it's not heavy so it's great for those inbetween months coming up, and I just love cream colored sweaters...which is why I'm going to reorder this in a medium and see how I feel about it. Has anyone else tried this sweater yet? It's currently 40% off if you're interested!

Ruffled Handkerchief Hem Top GIBSON
This last top is one I knew wouldn't really work for me, but I wanted to take a chance anyway. It's a hankerchief top from Gibson - I'm wearing a large here. First, the pluses: the pattern is cute, and I love parts of the front - the hem on the bottom is super fun! My two biggest cons about this is the hem in the back and side - I wish it had been more of a high low type of blouse, rather than high on the front and back and low on the sides. I also didn't love that the sleeves were also ruffled - it's just too many ruffles in one shirt. I pretty much knew it wasn't going to work for me, but it's always worth trying out something new!

So a few new items for my closet that are versatile, but have special small features that make them fun to wear! 

ps. my jeans are old, but 7fam still sells a very similar pair!