Sunday, February 18, 2018

top three [2.18.18]

my new favorite part of our house...that didn't exist before!

medical tidbits //
  • January was cervical cancer awareness month and to celebrate, I got my pap smear as I was due! Now that I'm 30, I get co-testing done every five years. Co-testing tests for both changes in the cervical cells (the pap smear part) and tests for HPV (the virus that is largely responsible for those cell changes). Curious to know what you're due for? Check out this page for more information! Share with your girlfriends, sisters, mothers. Cervical cancer is preventable and there's no reason we should still be dying of a disease we have screening tools and vaccines for. 
  • Couvelaire uterus is a life threatening condition that may happen after placental abruption, where the blood infiltrates the myometrium (the muscle of the uterus), causing the uterus to look blue
  • One in 1000 babies are born with a tooth. I have yet to see that! ;)

I've got my eye on ... //
  • A soft Free People sweater that would get me through the rest of this weird winter (it's currently 40% off!). 
  • The answer to all my transport tote dreams - I'm obsessed with this medium sized tote. I love that it comes with a strap, so it's perfect for lugging around everything to work! I think after six years, it's finally time for an upgrade from my original. 
  • The cutest little faux moss bunny. I know this is supposed to be a spring/easter decoration, but would it be weird to have it on my shelf all year long? 

on the internet //

sales this weekend //

this week I... //
  • Delivered my first baby where I did the mother's initial Ob visit! I can't believe we are at that point now where I've been with patient's through their whole pregnancy!
  • Got in four work outs, three on my spin bike, and one Orange Theory class. I <3 off service blocks!
  • Missed CR terribly - he's on Ob nights the month after I was on Ob nights, so we only see each other on weekends, and then I happen to work most weekends this month! We just keep telling each other it's all temporary...because it is. Eventually we will both be on a normal schedule again!