Friday, February 9, 2018


Hello everyone!'s been a hot second, huh?

To cut to the chase, I really just needed to step back from blogging for a while. We have had so much going on for the past six months, that the easiest thing to drop was the blog. It was honestly so nice to not worry about it, and just live my life and work and figure out this new life as a doctor, daughter, future bride, new homeowner, and person. Blogger just didn't feel to fit into that for a while.

But this past weekend, CR sent this blog post I wrote about couples matching to a current third year medical student, and I went back to read that post, and I remembered how much I loved writing those posts and being connected with you guys. It was nice to have a space just my own, and while I needed to step away from "my space", I think I'm ready to get back to it.

Things are going to be different, but I think it only makes sense that my blog grows and changes as my life does. I wear scrubs every. single. day. New clothing and outfits just doesn't make sense to the be center focus of my blog because it's not a part of my life at all. I definitely plan on sharing things once in a while when I find something new and worthy of sharing (hello, my new favorite piece of clothing I wear whenever I get the chance), but just as I've never lived my life for the blog, it doesn't make sense to buy clothes just to blog about them.

So what are we going to talk about?

Skincare (hellllo, baby facial!)

Makeup (I'm obsessed with this under eye brightner!)

Hair care (always chasing that perfect blond and trying new products - like L'oreal's new hair mask!)

House updates & how-tos (a post about how we built our "built-ins" and a room by room update)

Travel posts (mostly about our recent trip to Arizona!)

Top three posts occasionally

And whatever else comes up!

There will be occasional posts about residency, but as I'm sure you can understand, I won't be sharing a ton of my day to day life or about patient care. Things you can expect though are topics I wrote about before - great presents for new residents, how meal prepping in residency helps me stay away from the daily treats, and the best shoes for long days on the floor (spoiler: still loving my danksos, but considering a pair of klogs!). You can always follow along on instastories, where I definitely share a bit more of the day-to-day life!

So hello, and welcome back! I missed you!

p.s. got any other requests for posts? would love to hear from you!