Thursday, July 22, 2021

4 years later...and i'm back!



Hi. It's been a while...a whole year actually...and basically four years since I consistently posted on my blog.

I started my blog 9 (NINE!) years ago, and documented my way through post-college life, figuring out my personal style, getting in to and starting medical school, break ups, new relationships, daily outfit posts, getting married, buying a house, and getting into residency. But then residency, and the 80 hour work weeks where I wore scrubs 100% of the time started...and blogging just stopped. I was just too tired, and felt I had nothing left to give. And as a style blog, wearing scrubs all the time isn't conducive to a blog that is about buying and wearing clothes. Oh, and then I got pregnant and then really had no time or energy left. 

But here we are, on the other side. I completed my ObGyn residency, moved to Rochester NY with my husband and now two babies. I took 3.5 months off before I start my "real" job and am starting over in so many ways. Here are a few of the things going on: 

  • Closet updates. I have hardly purchased any clothing in 4 years, and as now a 33 year old mother of two, I feel I have nothing to wear. I only have a few casual items, the majority are business casual items that may or may not fit me anymore. I'm still dressing very millennial, with my skinny jeans and flats and flowy tops, and honestly that's probably not going to change...I shouldn't be dressing like I'm 17 because I am not 17. But I do want to update a few things so they fit my new life and new body. I've carried, birthed, and fed/am feeding two young 2.5 years. I'm actually about the same size I was before, but everything just fits a bit different now and that also plays a role in how I feel in my old clothes. I also am nursing, and that limits what I can wear too. So I'm buying some new items (hellllllo, new jeans! and loose pretty tops), and will share my thoughts here. Review posts were always my most popular, and I think we can learn together about finding clothes that fit our bodies, lifestyles, and personal style. 
  • Home decor. We sold our first home, and are deep in painting and updating our new home! The housing market is insanity but we got so so lucky, and found the perfect house for us to raise our babies in. So I'm excited to share where we started, what our inspiration is, and how we are making it our own. Definitely taking it slow as I want to live here for a bit while trying to see how new pieces could fit into our space, and I also want to find a good balance between new items, and thrifted or upcycling used items. So maybe some interesting DIY posts coming your way. 
  • Babies. Parenting has been a wild ride so far. Penny just turned two, and Theo is 3 months old. We have learned a ton over the past two years, but every day is like a new adventure. Excited to keep sharing some of our favorite items, asking for your advice, and just trying to raise kids who don't turn out to be a-holes (truly my biggest motivator). 

Parenting and medicine bring me a lot of joy and fulfillment, but they also take up all of my time that I feel I have very little that is "mine" anymore...and that's why I want to get back in to blogging. For fun. For learning. For myself. I think probably many of you reading can relate - whether it's an all consuming job, family, or responsibility, it's nice to have something that is just "yours". 

So welcome back. I'm so glad we are here.