Sunday, January 4, 2015

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replace the band on this watch for a similar look

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  • How cute were Jessica's 4 different NYE outfit ideas? I'm all about #1, in all honesty ;)
  • 5 ways to wear the black and white trend
  • While some end of the year reviews are a bit unnecessary (like a 10 part series...really), I love reading those that include some insight into their year as a whole. Some of my favorites included Audrey's, Anne'sSarah's (I love that she has similar yay! versions), and Adina's (girlfriend has awesome luck with finding the best deals ever)


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  • We are back from CR's after an amazing Christmas break. I had so much fun getting to know his family better, meeting a few more of his college friends, and spending New Years with another group of his friends. We're back at it tomorrow though - part of me is looking forward to it since it means we're that much closer to the end of pre-clinical years, but I also know how rough this next semester is going to be!
  • After enjoying the holidays for all it's (carb) worth, we're going back to sticking to the 4 Hour Body. We were getting a little lax about it towards the end of the semester, so with the start of a new semester, it'll be good to get back to it. CR's parents gave me a food processor for Christmas, so I'm excited to explore all the new possibilities. I'm going to make so much cauliflower rice...and hopefully some of the recipes on my pinterest (next up - spaghetti squash!)
  • My parents and grandma bought me these noise-canceling headphones for Christmas and I to use them. No more distractions during study time...except maybe for that pesky instragram ;)