Sunday, January 25, 2015

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  • Alien hand syndrome is caused by a neurological problem that makes a person's hand to move without them realizing it. It is sometimes caused by a stroke or when the two hemispheres of the brain are separated (like to treat epilepsy). Here's a video about it (although this one is a bit cheesy).
  • How fashion made vaccinations oh so posh (found via Jessica's weekend guide, one of my favorite weekend reads!)
  • Graft versus host disease happens when a person gets a bone marrow transplant - basically, the donor's immune system (which is normally IN the bone marrow) takes over the recipient patient's non-existent immune system, and then starts attacking the recipient's body. It sounds absolutely horrific. 


  • If you've been looking for a Transport Tote dupe, this reversible one just came out. I waaaaaaaant the black/red version so bad. SO BAD.
  • Knowing I'm moving into a new place in 4 months has me all itchy to get house things. I'm 100% positive a gold foil pillow will be incorporated somehow. Does this (red) couch say "almost 30 and therefore an adult with real furniture" or "forever student with too much badger pride"? ;)
  • I wish this pretty pleated dress came in a different color so I could wear it to the wedding I'm going to in May (2 days after we take the boards. Open bar, ohhhhhh yeah).

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  • on instagram: I finally replaced my old beat up tennis shoes with a bright pink pair. The old pair had gone through 2 seasons of marching band, half marathon training, and several years of gym wear. It was time!
  • on the blog: why you won't be seeing a capsule wardrobe in these parts
  • on twitter: procrastination selfies

  • Tomorrow marks the end of heme-onc, and the start of endocrine. I actually really enjoyed this system! Blood and the immune system is something that always seems a bit abstract to me, and this really cleared a lot of confusion up. Endocrine should be a bit difficult, but I feel it's another system that is going to tie a lot of previous information together. 
  • My girlfriend Caitlin and I now have set times for going to the gym, and we've really been sticking to it! I went to the gym 4 of the last 8 days - we aren't going hardcore or anything, but 30 minutes of cardio + some weights gets us moving, lets us have some non-quiet non-study time together, and I kind of missed that sore feeling.
  • A happy belated birthday to my baby sister, Karoline! I remember the day you were born - it's crazy you are in college now!