Wednesday, April 29, 2015

april budget

J.Crew Field Jacket: originally $148, on sale for $77
J.Crew Blouse: originally $70, on sale for $60
Target Sandals: originally $22, on sale for $18
Ann Taylor Dress: originally $149, on sale for $75
J.Crew Factory Necklace: originally $52, on sale for $15
Loft Chambray Blazer: originally $128, on sale for $55
Old Navy Dress: originally $25, on sale for $15

April total: $315 + $25 in tailoring costs = $340 + March ($70) + February ($89)

So I've come down with the most annoying and ill-timed of all colds, so I apologize for both being completely MIA the last few days, and the fact that today's post is going to be short. I had a review post planned for Monday and a longer Q&A based on recent budget questions, but every minute I'm not drowning myself in cough syrup and pillows is spent doing UWorld questions and reviewing for our pathology shelf exam on Thursday.

So this month was a bit more spendy than recent months, but that's the nice thing about my current quarter budget. I didn't spend a lot in February or March, so I had a bit more wiggle room this month to buy some things I'm really excited about. The Old Navy dress has already been several times in the short amount of time I've owned it - it's going to be a definite staple this summer (I suggest sizing down if you are interested - mine is a medium)! The spring has been rather chilly and rainy, so the J.Crew jacket has been a real winner as well. I was also pretty excited to get my hands on the J.Crew Factory pearl necklace - I've admired it for a while, but could never justify the full price. During a flash jewelry sale, I got it for $15!

I'm going to do a review on the Ann Taylor dress soon (beginning of next week maybe?) but I just wanted to talk about it real quick. I fell in love with it online, and love it even more in person. It just fits me so well and it has all the features of a dress I'm always looking for (v-neck, sleeves, waist flattering). I wasn't going to keep it though because I didn't really have a place to wear it - it's too white to wear to a wedding and it's too pretty to wear to work. I was telling CR about it and he told me that if I loved it that much, I should keep it, and he'll make an occasion for me to wear it to. Date planner and shopping enabler? Definitely a keeper ;)

I was also very fortunate to be able to pick out a few items c/o this month. I had saved up a few months worth of credits from Shopbop to pick up a Tory Burch dress and a Michael Kors crossbody bag during the sale they had at the beginning of the month. From Nordstrom I picked out a jean jacket, sandals (seen here), and a pretty little red dress (seen here). I include my c/o pieces in my budget because I think it's only fair to also tell you guys what I add to my closet that didn't directly come out of my wallet. Thank you for supporting those who have so graciously supported me!

Please add your link to your budget below! Last month was the most link-ups ever - thank you so much for coming back month after month. It holds me accountable and I'm always so excited to see what you guys buy.