Sunday, April 5, 2015

top three [04.05.2015]

a pencil skirt for all seasons [that's currently on sale] : one | two | three

  • MRSA is a very real and feared problem in medicine, and researchers are constantly looking for ways to battle antibiotic resistance. It may turn out that we already discovered the secret...hundreds of years ago, and it mostly involves ingredients we keep in our houses. Seriously watch this video - I think this is so interesting! My boyfriend actually earned his masters degree by studying how essential oils can combat antibiotic resistance, and I wrote my German thesis in undergrad on 19th century medicine, so this has been an interesting topic for us!
  • Porphyria is a group of diseases related to defective enzymes in the porphyrin and heme pathways. There are various forms that cause different types of problems - one particular form results in photosensitivity where too much light causes the skin to burn, and then grow fine hair on it - some say this is where the legends of werewolves comes from! The fact that always stands out to me is that the person's urine will turn dark after sitting in the sun - I'd like to know how they figured that one out!
  • About 15 years ago, my little brother accidentally lowered a (non operating) tractor mower onto my dad's shoulder. He ended up with what is known as "Saturday Nigh Palsy" - injury to his radial nerve in his arm meant he had a limp wrist for a while. The term Saturday Night Palsy comes from the fact that this presentation often happens to people who fall asleep in chairs after a bit too much drinking! Here's a clinical presentation of "wrist drop". 

on the internet
  • The second half of the final season of Mad Men starts tonight! If you are a fan, I highly suggest reading the mad style recaps on TLo - I love how much planning and thought goes into the costume and set design. I plan on rewatching the series from the beginning this summer! 
  • How freaking cute is Kaity? We have ankle pants, a mild obsession with Loft, and medicine in common, so of course I love her.
  • Tips on using pinterest more thoughtfully and specifically

  • I've been looking for an olive pair of pants for YEARS and finally ordered this pair last week - I can't wait to see if they are the ones. 
  • I need a life where I have a place to wear this skirt to - do you think I can pull it off at the library? Please say yes.
  • Drop everything, and run to your closest Old Navy to buy the perfect summer dress (promise it's cuter IRL than online). While you're there, please try this one on for me and tell me it's not as cute in person so I don't buy it too.

on franish

notable sales
  • Banana Republic: 40% off everything with code BRGOOD 
  • Loft: 50% off everything + free shipping on any order (yessssss!)
    • I think this top is SO pretty - it would look great alone or under a blazer.
    • A romper I could actually see myself wearing - right? Love that the inseam is just a little bit longer. 
  • Madewell: 30% off sale items
    • The shoe selection is particularly good - either get this summer's sandal or your boots for next winter for a steal!

  • I recently found MisterWives through a Pandora station and am completely and utterly obsessed with them. Listen to this song and this song, and tell me you don't love them. 
  • The house hunt is officially starting this week! We move in 7 weeks, so we can officially start looking. I'm so excited to finally have one home together instead of the "living together in two houses" that we currently have. Eek!
  • and On, Wisconsin! So happy for our boys :)