Sunday, April 12, 2015

top three [04.12.2015]

I miss wearing jeans 

  • A deletion on chromosome 5 can lead to a syndrome called Cri du chat, which means cry of the cat in french. It's named this because many infants have a cry that sounds like a cat's meow
  • While most health issues have to do with problems below the skin, we are taught to look for clues that we can see to help us make a diagnosis. Years before imaging and explorative surgery were possible, these clues were all doctors had to base their diagnoses on. Finger clubbing was the first diagnostic clue tied to a disease - it points (haha get it?) to certain pulmonary and cardiac issues.
  • Pica is a rare type of eating disorder that leads people to eat various non-nutritive objects, like paper, metal, or sand. There different variations and causes, from iron deficiency to a chemical imbalance. There are all sorts of preferences for different objects - here are a couple of different videos of people of various ages and object preferences.  

on the internet

  • I'm not a huge floral person, but the print on this (oh so flattering) dress is beeauuuuutiful. I could totally do florals this way! Think black cardigan and heels for work, jean jacket and sandals for a night out (ps looking for a jean jacket? I just got this one and love it. It's currently 60% off and there are a few sizes left. If you are between sizes, I would suggest sizing down - mine is a medium and fits nicely)
  • Soft. pink. espadrilles (for under $40). You will be mine! 
  • Those espadrilles + skinny jeans + this soft white blouse = summer uniform. It looks slightly boxy - I wonder if ordering it in a size down but in a tall will help make it more figure flattering?

on franish
  • on the blog: the difference a year makes
  • on the instagram: tell me you wouldn't do the same
  • on the pinterest: think CR will allow a pink chair in our living room? We are ordering our couch this week though and I'm so nervous/excited!

notable sales

  • Game of Thrones!!!!!!! We won't start watching this season until we are through with this season's House of Cards, but I'm SO excited it's back. We only finished the previous season a month ago, but I already was going through withdrawals. Remember, no twitter spoilers!! ;)
  • I'm very much emoji obsessed, if my snapchat, instagram, and actual stickers didn't give it away. Did you see they came out with new ones? Still no cheese one, so me and Apple are currently not on speaking terms. 
  • We are just under six weeks away from our board exam and I'm actually feeling okay. I'm about half way through the question bank (just about everyone studies for step 1 by doing a 2500 question bank) and feel like I have a pretty good grasp on the material...sometimes. It's getting harder and harder to lock myself away for hours at a time now that it's nicer out, but I just keep reminding myself that this is temporary. I know there will be times where I will miss this time of school - making my own schedule, just sitting at a table with my coffee and learning, but I'm also kind of excited for our clinical years to start.