Thursday, May 12, 2016

review: all the loft things

Hey guys! Sorry I've been a bit MIA lately (although I know none of you are waiting with bated breath for a post of mine, haha) - this rotation has been really busy (in a great way!) and when I get back to my dorm at night, I've really been trying to study as much as possible. Combined with the fact that I brought six shirts with me for the month, and wear scrubs half the time, there aren't a lot of things to share. BUT, I did get a Loft order in right before I left, and stopped at a story with my girlfriends last weekend, so I wanted to share my thoughts on a few of the things I tried!

First up are the 4" scalloped shorts in the jacquard pattern (there is a similar pair that is quilted). I have a hard time finding shorts I like. With thicker thighs, I kind of hate all summer clothes just because my thighs always rub! So I really appreciate shorts that are cute while having just a bit more length to them. I really like these shorts! They are cute (I love the scalloped edge!), the fabric is so nice and thick, and I think they'll just be fun to wear throughout the warmer months. I am wearing a size 12 here, and found they fit fairly true to size. My bestie Caitlin, who also usually wears a 12, tried them on last weekend and found a 10 to fit her better, so this may vary if they fit truly true to size or just a bit larger. They are currently on sale for $29.50 if you are interested!

Unfortunately, I just can't find Loft pants that actually work on me. These are the Doubleweave Rivera in the Marisa fit. These were in the sale section, and since I've wanted a pair of red pants for a while, I figured they were worth trying. These are also a size 12. They are technically cropped pants, but I was hoping they would be more like ankle pants like some cropped pants are, but nope, these were actually cropped, almost capri pants on me, which I think is just too short for work. They also fit really weird in the front area - the stretched oddly when I stood up straight, and then bunched up when bending forward. Weird. Back they went!

Another item that went back right away was the melange tee - I'm wearing a large in the grey space dye color here. I really was hoping that this would be more "top" than "tee" if you know what I mean, but it really is just a tee shirt that has slightly longer sleeves (something I would normally appreciate!). I found this to be a bit too short in length, the neckline unflattering (it makes my shoulders look so rounded!), and the color darker than shown online. For me it's a pass, although everyone in the reviews seems to really like it, it just didn't work for me. 

lou and grey easy shirt shirt
I've been eyeing this "easy shirt" from Lou & Grey for a while, so when I saw it in the sales section, I finally tried it. They only had it left in a medium, and I agree with the reviews that it does run a bit large, so a medium is perfect for me. Please ignore that I'm wearing a black cami and it's wrinkled from being straight out of the package, but I am obsessed with this shirt. I think it's the perfect mix of casual and dressed up - I've been wearing this for the past few weekends with jeans, and it's been so comfortable. My only problem with it is that the fabric, which is tencel (a fabric I have not heard of before) wrinkles a bit. This doesn't bother me as much since it's more of a weekend shirt for me, but something worth mentioning. 

 textured shirttail sweater
The next two items were ones I tried in stores last week. First is the textured shirttail sweater - you guys, I hated this sweater and the only reason I didn't take it off as soon as I put it on was because I needed to document how much I didn't like it, as you can see by my look of confusion in the picture on the left. I think if a few things had been different, this would be a great sweater, but really, the dropped shoulder with a really tight seam around my biceps and the fact that it was it about three inches too short on me made a big fat NO for me. I like the thinner textured fabric and it comes in five really cute colors, but it just did not fit well. In the reviews, some people had the same issues, but others like it, so may be worth checking out if you are really interested, but I personally did not like it. 

The last item is the striped utility blouse in this rose/black/white pattern. I'm wearing a large here, and it's comfortably oversized - I could definitely size down, but I like that it's a bit looser. I would have purchased this last weekend, but it wasn't included in the sale at the time, and there's no way I'm paying $60 for a shirt from Loft (it's currently on sale for $29.50 though). Now that I'm looking at it again though, I'm not sure if I'll end up ordering it. While I love these kind of shirts, both for work and for the weekends, I think because it's such a recognizable pattern, I just wouldn't wear it a ton, and I really wouldn't wear it any other way other than with black pants. So for me, it's just not versatile enough. That being said, I thought it was pretty cute, so if it ever goes on major sale, I may eventually pick it up. 

I love when I don't check out a store for a few weeks, and then they have a bunch of cute new items in! I actually have all of the following in my basket currently - while I definitely will not eventually order all of them, some are definitely going to be ordered during the next good (40-50% off sale). If nothing else, the embroidered tee, the lace top (so pretty!), and the polka dot tee. At least ;)
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