Thursday, May 26, 2016

may budget

Loft shorts: on sale for $25
Lou & Grey shirt: on sale for $20
(not pictured: TJ Maxx dress for $35)

May budget: $180

Quarterly budget: $500 + $185 left over - $180 in May = $505 for June and July

Wow, is this the most boring budget post I have ever written?! Probably. Black shorts, a white button up, and black work shoes. Though I do have to tell you guys about the Clark shoes I bought at the beginning of the month. I've been looking for normal black shoes to wear to work for months (if not years at this point) because no matter what shoes you wear, your feet are going to hurt if you are on your feet all day. My Revas have just not cut it, even with insoles. So I wandered into Clark when I stopped by the mall four weeks ago because I have heard so many people rave about how great Clark shoes are for work. I tried on several pairs, including some fairly cute ballerina flats, but it wasn't until I tried on this wedge pair that a sales associate recommended that I understood what people meant about instant comfort. The shoes just work with your feet, there is no rubbing or breaking it needed - they are just all around really comfortable shoes that I have now worn many long days on this rotation. To be honest, I think they are just a tiny bit ugly if you look at them too closely, but I know that now one is going to look that closely at my feet, so it's just one of those things where comfort definitely trumps how cute your shoes look. 

This post marks my fourth year of sharing my clothing budget on here. Sometimes I debate no longer writing these budget posts, because I don't really feel I need them anymore...I especially think that when I see how boring this post is! Since starting my budget, my shopping tendencies have drastically changed. I very rarely buy and keep more than 5 items in a month, and most of those are from places like Loft anyway. I never go over my budget, and I usually just keep rolling over the extra, so I really feel that on the one hand, I think four years of documenting my budget is enough.  That being said, I do think sharing what I spend my money on does keep me in line with the financial goals I have set for myself, so even though right now I am not spending a lot on clothes, who knows what the future holds. I also still maintain that I feel like I owe it to blogging as a whole to kind of be a more realistic portrayal of what shopping is like. I don't want to buy ten new dresses a month just to take pictures of them for my blog, so by sharing my budget, it really makes me assess what I purchase, and how it works with my closet, rather than how it would look in a blog post. 

ANYWAY! Enough about me, tell me about you! Have you been sticking to your budgeting goals this year? Do you feel like linking up has changed your shopping habits at all? Do you also sometimes think about no longer sharing your budget?! 

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