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spring = denim jacket time
spring = denim jacket time

  • Smoking is not good for you, we all know that. I mentioned a few months ago that smoking has been shown to be protective in ulcerative colitis patients. I learned this week that pregnant women who smoke have a lower risk of developing pre-eclampsia than those who don't smoke. That being said, smoking is awful for the fetus, but it is interesting how it seems protective in certain situations.
  • Angelman syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by jerky movements, a lot of smiling, and a happy demeanor. 
  • Xerostomia: dry mouth

on the internet
  • Nicole shares her tips about being a bridesmaid - I'm sure this is applicable for many of us!
  • My utility jacket is one of my most worn jackets, so I loved Audrey's post about ways to mix it up a bit. 
  • I know weight gain is something most of us have probably experienced, I certainly have. I love how honest AJ is about her struggles, and her tips in the end (purses always fit!)

  • I love that this BB Dakota dress comes in so many different colors. Need a dress for your bridal shower? It obviously comes in white. Looking for the cutest LBD? Have always wanted a cute emerald dress? There are a ton of options. 
  • With shorts season soon approaching, I'm so glad that I tried out Loft's scalloped shorts. With a 4 inch inseam, a thicker fabric, and a cute pattern, I have a feeling I'll be wearing these all summer. If you are in between sizes, I'd suggest maybe sizing down. 
  • I'm kind of obsessed with this olive boyfriend shirt from Express. It would be such a good alternative to my now dead chambray shirt. 

ask me anything
  • I've been following your blog for a while now and I really admire your posts about fashion, beauty, and school. This is a very different type of question. It doesn't seem like you went through this personally, but do you have any advice for dealing with break ups during med school? I just got dumped by my long distance boyfriend and I'm having a terrible time. It's worse with all the work we have piling up (currently working our way through the last half of neuro/psych). I feel like I can't motivate myself to perform and it's hard to get through school now when I feel so sad/lonely. I know it'll pass but any advice would be appreciated. 
    • Oh man, I am so sorry this is happening to you right now. This actually did happen to me. I moved away from my boyfriend of almost six years to go to medical school. Three months in, we just both realized it was not going to work out, for a whole variety of reasons. It is really hard to have a long relationship like that end, and it really did hit me hard. I almost failed a class, I wasn't really eating much, all in all, it really sucked. I guess I never talked about it on here because I was embarrassed, although break ups are something almost all of us go through! Here's the thing, and it's something you know's going to get better with time. Unfortunately there isn't anything I can say that will make the hurt better now. My biggest pieces of advice are to surround yourself with people you love, get rid of anything that reminds you of him (pictures, clothes, smells), hide/delete him from social media, don't listen to sad music, and power through it. You may not get the best score ever on neuro (that ish is hard enough as it is on its own!) but eventually you'll be in a better place. For me, it was hard to let go of a relationship that I had spent the majority of my twenties in, but you know, my life with CR now is such a better experience and I'm grateful every day that I went through all that I did because it made me realize what I want in a relationship. I hope that some time soon you'll be able to look back on that time and see what wasn't working, and realize there is better out there. 
  • I need a dress for a friend's wedding this June! My biggest insecurity is my upper arms, so if you could give some sleeved options, I'd be grateful!
    • I feel you, I hate my arms so I'm always looking for sleeved options. The issue is that a lot of "sleeved" options have those damn cap sleeves - so annoying. Here are a few options, at varying price points. The first one is this cobalt version from Target, which would be really pretty! Another affordable option is this flirty version from ASTR - this would be a great way to show off your legs with some nude sandals! In the $100+ range, a few good options include this lace sleeved dress from Karen Kane (great for a more fancy wedding) or my personal favorite, this flutter sleeved version from Chelsea28 (wear it with colorful shoes and accessories!). Now if you want to get real crazy, I can't recommend the Nue by Shani line enough - I wore one of her dresses this past winter and it is gorgeous. My favorite of her current options is this ombre blue version - so gorgeous (but expensive, so I totally get if that's not an option. I just checked eBay though and they have some of her dresses for cheaper!). 
  • I'm not a med student but my roommate is. He'll be finishing up his second year and taking boards in June and then starting his rotations. I always try to be very considerate of noise since I know what he's doing is incredbly hard and I respect his work ethic. He's always studying! What are some things I can do for him to show he's an awesome roommate and a soon to be awesome doctor?
    • You are such a sweet roommate! I think what you're doing is already being a great roommate - the less distractions, the more he'll appreciate it! I don't know if there are specific things you can really do to help other than be a good friend! Maybe bring him a coffee sometimes if you stop at Starbucks for yourself, or offer to order in pizza sometime. Otherwise, just continue to be a friend and maybe sometimes force him to get out of his studying bubble to get one drink or go watch a movie (although it's hard to convince us at this point to leave our books!). Otherwise, right now his life kind of sucks, but he'll be through it soon enough, and then you can take him out to celebrate :)

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  • This past week has been crazy. From moving to one place, then having to move out of it into the hospital dorms (long long story), two nights of night float, and driving four+ hours to see my besties, I've been all over the place! I miss my boys at home :(
  • I drove up to New York to see my best friends, and it was so great to be together again (well, we were missing one, but it's hard when we all live in different states!). We went shopping, got drinks, had an amazing dinner, and all around just got to catch up. It was very much needed, especially with the craziness starting next month. 
  • Happy Mother's Day to my favorite mom :) I'm so glad I got to see my mom last week, and am flying home in four weeks, so we just celebrated around the holiday. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there - you guys are amazing!