Sunday, May 29, 2016

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  • Dextrocardia is when the heart is on the right, instead of the left, side of the body. It happens in about 1 in 12,000 people. 
  • Your hair being straight or curly depends on the shape of the hair follicle - if you have curly hair, your follicle is asymmetric and oval, and if you hair is straight, your hair follicles are symmetrical. 
  • A porcelain gallbladder is a calcified gallbladder that looks cool, but actually is something that needs to be removed because it carries a higher risk of cancer. 

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  • Shapewear suggestions? I hate the little belly pudge some dresses so nicely showcase.
  • What are the reasons why you want to do OBGYN?
    • Ohhhh, good question, and something I've been working on being able to verbalize lately. When I was applying to medical school, I really thought I was going to go into family medicine like my father before me - I love the continuity of care, being a person's doctor (not just someone they see once), basically growing up with your patients. Then I did my family med rotation, and it just didn't click for me. Then I did my surgery rotations, and while there are many reasons why I knew that wasn't for me either, I really liked the hands-on aspect of it. I've always been a very handsy crafty person, so I loved that you can fix people with just your hands. Then I did my OB rotation, and it all clicked - the continuity of care, the surgery aspect I didn't really know I had wanted, relatively healthy patients and of course, you get to be there for the happiest day of people's lives. A doctor told me recently the reason she loves OB is because it's the only route where multiple times a day, you walk into a patient's room and say "Congratulations!", and that also very much is true - how many other times in medicine do you get to witness such happiness? All in all, it really is the perfect place for me!
  • Studying for the MCAT...any tips? What was your personal experience? How did you score? Was your score competitive for both MD and DO schools?
    • Do as many practice questions as possible! I don't know what the format is right now, but I would do sections of practice questions that are as long as the MCAT, so you can mentally train to answer questions for that period of time (that's what I do for board studying!). Doing a ton of practice questions was how I improved my score 4 points when I took it the second time. As for my own score, it was average for MD schools at the time. Now I think that DO and MD schools actually have pretty similar average MCAT scores just because it's constantly getting more competitive. You will do great!!

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  • I'm finally home! It was such a quick, great four weeks away, but there are certain things I'm really happy about - the fact I don't have to wear flip flops to shower, don't need noise canceling headphones to sleep, and you know, my boys are here too :)
  • After four weeks of only hospital food though, it's also time to get back on track! I started BBG yesterday (omg, my legs!), stocked up on vegetables, and am ready to feel healthier again. 
  • Now starts our month of board studying. I'm feeling pretty motivated about studying, and am excited to just have four weeks at home. Because I obviously want to do well on these exams, my presence around here will be on the lighter side. I was debating going on a little blogging vacation, but I think I'd miss doing this too much. So you'll only hear from me once or twice a week for the next month or so, and it'll be a bit light in July as well as I'll be on an away audition. These next six months are going to be pretty hectic around here! But, in 52 weeks from today (!!!) we graduate so that's the end of the tunnel ;)