Sunday, May 22, 2016

top three [05.22.2016]

it's true, leopard shoes go with everything ;)

  • Anton-Babinski syndrome is a very rare symptom, most often as a result of a stroke or head injury, where the patient is cortically blind (their eyes are healthy but they are blind in their brain), but they claim that they are capable of seeing. We had a neurologist come speak at grand rounds this week (not about this, obviously), and she said she has seen it once and it was the strangest thing she's experienced in her career.
  • If a pregnant woman were to develop a DVT in her legs, it is more likely to be on the left side
  • I'm currently reading The Doctor's Plague, which is based on how one doctor insisted that all doctors wash their hands in between patients to prevent childbed fever, but a large part of the book is actually about medical concepts at the time. One of them was that sickness hangs around the earth, and makes anyone in the vicinity sick. That's how malaria was named - it literally means "bad air" because they noticed that anyone in the vicinity of stagnant water was getting sick. 

on the internet

  • It's time to finally replace my gym shoes, and I'm loving this pair from Nike - black or white? 
  • I am loving the pompom trend right now - I think everything is so cute! Old Navy jumped on board with this adorable top (it really looks more expensive than it is, doesn't it?!)
  • How freaking precious is this embroidered top from J.Crew Factory? I want to wear it all summer long (with white jeans...and black shorts...and distressed denim...and skirts!). 

ask me anything
  • A while back you mentioned you only shop online. Is there a reason behind that?
    • I have several reasons why I usually shop online rather than in stores. The biggest reason is geographical - I just don't live near any malls! The next big mall is about 90 minutes away from me, and so I just really can't go shopping often. I also really like shopping online because most extended sizes aren't available in stores, and I like having the option of trying something out in a talls if available. And lastly, I'm kind of lazy - I just prefer scrolling through webpages and having it show up at my house eventually ;)
  • I am also a 3rd year med student and just started my ob/gyn rotation - yay last of the year! I am also about to start studying for step 2. I was wondering what resources you are using to study for step 2 and also which resources you recommend for ob/gyn? Thanks so much! 
    • For Step 2, I am using mostly Step Up To Medicine as my main book guide, and then really focusing on UWorld questions. I have already done all 2200+ questions throughout the year to study for shelf exams, and at the time taken notes from the explanations (...175 pages worth). Once our dedicated study time starts (we get four weeks, but I really only have 2.5 weeks to study as I have to fit in all of the tests), I plan on reading about 20 pages a day from SUTM, and do 2 blocks of questions a day. For the OB shelf though, I highly recommend doing the UWise questions from APGO (this explains how to log on if your school doesn't give you access). I had several questions on my shelf that were almost word for word from the UWise questions, and something I wouldn't have known if I hadn't done those questions! I also advice brushing up on urinary incontinence! 
  • I'm starting medical school in the fall and am trying to figure out what kind of bag to use. I really hate using a backpack and was wondering if you were able to get away with not using one? I know you have the most adorable handbags for rotations and such, but what did you use for the first two years for transporting books, etc.? Thanks!
    • Yay, congrats! This is such an exciting time! So for school, I actually had two bags. For going to class, I used a tote bag because I didn't have to bring much other than my computer, wallet, and pens. My bag is no longer available, but this faux leather version from Sole Society would be a great alternative. When I went to the library though, and generally had to schlep a ton more with me (like my pathology book, book stand, and snacks), I used my Everlane backpack. Since I used pouches in both bags (one for pens, one for personal items), I didn't find it to be too much of a hassle to move stuff around two bags. 

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  • on the blog: Joyce explains the importance of using sunscreen
  • on the instagram: throw back sundays (it was a slow week of instagram....)
  • on the twitter: dreaming of my future clothing collections ;) any wishes?!

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in my personal life
  • I'm back home for the weekend and it is so good to be home! This has been the longest I've ever been away from my boys, so I'm just so happy to see them. You should have heard the dogs whine when they realized who was at the door :)
  • We saw Dave Matthews yesterday and the show was sooooo good. We are going to two more shows this summer, and I can't wait - especially because they didn't play my two favorite songs last night, so I'm hoping to get both when we are in the pit in July!
  • It's the last week of third year!!! Where did the time go?! Debating writing a bit more about my experiences over the year - let me know if that is something you'd be interested in!