Sunday, June 12, 2016

top three [06.12.2016]

well, looks like I'm a crazy cat lady now...but can you blame me? look how pretty she is!

  • Polycythemia vera is a myeloproliferative disorder where your red blood cells proliferate more than they are supposed to. One symptom of PV is getting really itchy when taking a hot bath. The medical term for that is aquagenic pruritus. 
  • Lisch nodules, or iris hamartomas, are a sign of Neurofibromatosis, which is a tumor disorder. They have a very characteristic appearance, which if they weren't a symptom of this disease, look quite interesting
  • Those kids out there huffing glue are likely to have a "glue sniffer's rash" around their mouth. Yikes!

on the internet

  • In my never ending search for the perfect striped summer dress, I came across this adorable version from Kohl's - I love that red accent!
  • And speaking of cute dresses, how freaking cute is this longer shirt dress from Target?! I love how simple but put together it looks with the wedges. 
  • You guys know I love my Revas, but they just aren't always the most comfortable. I just spotted the Jolie flat, and between the soft leather and the elastic banding (and that pretty blush color!), I'm in love. 

ask me anything
  • You should do a post about workout clothes. Your favorite tops, shoes, shorts, etc. and where you get them. What items last the longest and are worth investments vs. getting cheaper versions.
    • It's definitely on my list of future posts, as soon as I have a bit more time! I've said it time and again, but I think the active wear section from Old Navy is amazing. From their sports bras (I just got this cute version!) to their tops (my new bra works perfectly with this new top) to their leggings (they are basically all I wear to the gym), they really cover everything you need for great prices. A more in depth post coming though :)
  • I am also a future OB/GYN hopeful DO student, currently just finished my second year and am prepping for Step 1 boards. I was just wondering if you took both the COMLEX and USMLE for step 1 and if so, have you found USMLE to be helpful in preparing for your residency interview season? Or if you didn't take the USMLE, do you wish you did? Thanks!! Good luck with Step 2!
    • I actually only took COMLEX for Step 1. ObGyn wasn't so much on my radar at the time when I was making my decision, and I kind of regret now not taking it. I'm obviously still in the prepping part of residency applications so I don't know how much that will affect me in the end, but we only had to cross one hospital we were interested in off the list because they required USMLE. But, I am taking USMLE Step 2 (this Thursday! yikes!) to make myself a stronger applicant overall, so while that won't make up for not taking USMLE Step 1, I hope it will help. I have spoken to several ObGyn DO residents at allopathic programs who either didn't take either USMLE steps or just Step 2, and it worked out for them, so fingers crossed!!
  • What size/height are you? I like a lot of your styles, but I'm wondering if it's something I could pull off.
    • I'm 5'9'', and I wear a size 10-12 (usually 10 in tops and dresses, and 12 in pants). 

on franish
  • on the blog: ...nothing. whoops! 
  • on the instagram: the most makeup I've worn in weeks
  • what you missed on snapchat (@fhasselhof): meals from the week that included lots of veggies, and plenty of Lucy snaps (that dirty devil!)

notable sales
  • Anthropologie: 25% off sale
    • Okay, their bow dress is officially the cutest dress I have ever seen on that website. That back!
    • While not as like OMG as the dress above, I also love the simple Ardmore - it would be so versatile!
    • It's a bit different from my usual style (which is what I think I love about it), but how fun would this longer cardigan be over dresses and jeans once it cools down again in a few months? I love the details. 
  • Boden: 30% off certain items
  • Madewell: 20% off sale

at home
  • Thank you so much to all of you who have left me sweet messages, comments, and DMs wishing me luck during this crunch time. I'm 4 days out from the first of three board exams in the next two weeks, so life around here has just been gym shorts and studying all day. I'm hoping to have a day in the life post up this week to give you a bit of glimpse into the glamorous life. Part of me kind of enjoys the freedom away from the blog, but another huge part of me misses doing something other than practice problems all day. Oh well, this time is super transient in the grand scheme of things, and honestly, there are some pretty great things about dedicated study time (more on that in the upcoming post!). 
  • While I spend all day in lounge clothes or work out clothes, I did receive that beautiful wrap dress from Ann Taylor that I mentioned a few weeks ago, and you is beautiful. Cant' wait to wear it!
  • The weather has been amazing lately - I'd love to hear how you've been enjoying it :)