Thursday, June 30, 2016

june budget

J.Crew chambray shirt: $78, on sale for $58
Boden dress: $128, on sale for $96

June budget: $154

Quarterly budget: $500 + $185 left over - $180 spent in May - $154 in June = $351 left for July

First of all, I wanted to thank all of you for your comments and feedback in my last budget post. For the last few months, every time I put together these budget posts, I'm a bit underwhelmed by them just because they have been quite sparse lately. But reading your thoughts and why you've enjoyed the posts over the years has motivated me to stick with it. 

So May, June, and now July were and will be really busy months for me. In May, I was away from home for the month on an elective rotation, in June I spent the whole month studying for Step 2, and now in July I'm gone again for my first audition rotation. That has meant I've been almost exclusively in scrubs or lounge clothes, which makes for a really boring style blog. No need to wear real clothes = no desire to buy real clothes = not a lot of blog content. The two items I did purchase this month are two I'm super excited about though. First is the J.Crew chambray shirt, which I reviewed at the beginning of the month. Second is a black wrap dress from Boden. I actually purchased the Boden dress and a similar dress from Ann Taylor and even though I really did love the Ann Taylor wrap dress, the simple black dress won in the end because it will just be more versatile. I see both becoming major staples in my wardrobe! 

To be honest, July will probably also be pretty minimal when it comes to shopping. After this audition, I will have two months of family medicine though, so I will be both home, and on a bit of an easier schedule (right now I'm at the hospital at 5:00 AM and don't leave until after 6 PM, which is also why it's been more quiet around here) so I'll have a bit more time to get back into blogging. I'll also start the hunt for an interview suit (or two, as I've been advised), all which will of course be documented along the way. If you have any tips for suits, I'd be so interested to hear any advice you have! I'm pretty set of having a black pant suit, so I'm looking for something along the lines of this suit from Halogen. I'll probably end up wearing my go-to black wedges, as they are the most comfortable yet professional shoes I own. 

Okay, your turn! Add your link below, and as always, please link back to this post so your readers discover other budgeting bloggers :)