Sunday, July 3, 2016

top three [07.03.2016]

4th of July outfits through the years, and through better photography ;)

  • If you've ever had a baby, you more than likely know all about fetal heart rate monitoring during pregnancy and delivery. It was originally invented to decrease the incidence of cerebral palsy, and while intrapartum heart rate monitoring hasn't statistically decreased the incidence, it's still used in over 85% of pregnancies. That isn't to say that it doesn't serve a purpose, just that it's original purpose didn't really pan out. 
  • In patients with bipolar disorder, if you use only an antidepressant, it can send the patient into a manic phase, so both an antidepressant and mood stabilizer should be used. 
  • Onchocryptosis: an ingrown toe nail

on the internet

  • One of the shirts I've been wearing the most lately is the Lush top I purchased a few months ago - just noticed that it comes in white, so for $27, I of course had to order it! 
  • I love my Ferragamo flats, but they are stupidly expensive - you can get seriously 99% of the same shoe from Target for one tenth of the price. They even have a red version that looks identical to the originals!
  • My gingham dress is one of my favorite items in my closet. If you've wanted a similar version, Macy's has a cute one for $50 (+ an extra 20% off).

ask me anything
  • Have you officially started 4th year now?
    • Yes! I'm already in  my second rotation of fourth year. I still stumble over saying it though because I'm so used to saying "I'm a third year!". 
  • I'm starting medical school soon, and I know I will be needing some professional and comfortable flats. Can you recommend a few types of flats that stay comfortable throughout a long day of working/walking etc?!
    • Congrats! The nice thing about the first few years of school is that you won't need as comfortable shoes as you'll need for third and fourth year because you'll be sitting a lot. That being said, I've had the best luck with shoes that have an elastic top, like this pair from Target that's currently on sale, because they are the most comfortable and require little break in time - I just put some shoe inserts in for extra heel and arch comfort, and it's been pretty much my go-to the past few years. I also have a pair of Clarks that to be honest, are not the cutest, but they feel like walking on air, so who cares ;)
  • What are your top tips for doing a great job on OB electives (or any electives for that matter)?
    • My biggest tips for rotations in general are:
      • Be on time (...5 minutes early). Some rotations start earlier than others (I currently have to be at the hospital at 5:15) so figure out how to get out of the house on time in the morning. For me that means having my snacks packed up, I wash my hair at night instead of spending time on it in the morning, and my bag is ready to go. 
      • Show interest: read up on your patient's conditions, keep on an eye on their labs, ask occasional questions (more on management of care rather than the facts you can look up yourself)
      • Be nice to everyone: this is such general advice, but be kind and courteous to every person who works at the hospital. If you're an ass, that reputation follows you around. 
      • There are varying thoughts on this, but I typically brought in a treat on my last day of a rotation for the doctors, nurses, and office staff. They took the time to teach you and help you, so it's a nice way to thank them for their time and effort. Usually it was just donuts, but I did bake muffins a few times too for rotations that were particularly enjoyable. 
    • For an OB rotation:
      • Know how to knot tie (one handed and two handed). You may get the chance to close some port sites or close a layer during a c-section, and you'll want to look like you have some idea of what you're doing. 
      • Offer to do the H&Ps for admitted patients.
      • After surgeries and c-sections, help to clean up the patient, move the patient (typically students help move the feet), and clean up after the surgery. 
      • After a delivery, it's pretty much the same thing - ask the nurse how you can help them get the patient cleaned up and more comfortable. 
      • Know what tests and labs need to be done throughout the pregnancy, so that if a 28 weeker comes in to the office, you know that you'll need certain tests done, or if someone comes in to rule out labor at 38 weeks, you know what tests the OBs will do for them. 
      • If you think you are going to go into OB, I can't recommend this little pocket book enough. It's great because it has all the quick hitter facts, and you don't have to pull your phone out every time you want to look something up quick. 

notable sales
  • Banana Republic: 50% off
  • J.Crew Factory: 50% off everything + additional  15
    • Lace, white, and sleeves?! You know I'm all about their new eyelet dress
    • And speaking of lace and white...shorts would also be fun summer addition. 
    • My favorite though is this simple blue tied dress - definitely just ordered myself one as it's pretty much the perfect casual summer dress! I also ordered CR a cute rose tie (secret time: he gets a new tie every time I order something from J.Crew sneaky!) 
  • Loft: 50% off everything
    • 100% ordering this split neck lace patterned tee - I would ask white or navy, but you all know the answer!
    • If I was more a halter top girl, I'd be all over this pretty floral midi dress. It just looks so darn comfortable (if it weren't for the fact of having to wear a bra...)
    • Wouldn't their relaxed tunic tee look cute with some distressed denim and cute sandals? Perfect for a cooler summer night! I'm going to listen to the reviews, and order it in a size down. 

at home
  • This week I started my first sub-internship rotation (during the first 6 months of fourth year, you go to various programs you are interested in applying to, and rotate with them for a month so they can get to know you and you can get to know the program). It's been a long week with 4:30 AM wake ups, and I got sick during the middle of it (literally the worst time to get sick!!), but it's also been really great to see a new program, meet current residents, and to be back on labor hall :)
  • I have a very exciting post with Sephora coming soon, and because of that, I finally got to try the T3 curling wand and...I'm convinced by its greatness. My hair actually stayed curled yesterday after using it for the first time! Full review coming up...sometime in the near future.
  • Since I have a three day weekend, we went up to Rochester for the weekend to visit CR's family. It is so nice to just hang out, swim in the pool, and eat delicious food. Plus it's just nice to be near a Wegmans again ;)