Sunday, July 24, 2016

top three [07.24.16]

summer = white jeans (mine are currently under $35!)

  • For young men going through cancer treatments, many choose to have their sperm stored in case they are not fertile after treatments. A baby has been conceived using sperm that was 23 years old - the father was treated for Hodgkin's lymphoma when he was 15 - which is now a Guinness World Record!
  • Pseudomyxoma peritonei is a clinical condition caused when an abdominal tumor (often the appendix) produces so much mucin that the inside of the peritoneum looks like jelly, which is why the other fun name for this condition is "jelly belly". 
  • Microcalcification of the breasts are tiny specks of calcium in the breast that may or may not be a sign of malignancy. Deodorant can appear similar on mammograms, which is why it is advised to not wear deodorant before one!

on the internet
  • Priya pulls off the summer look I wish I had the guts to try. 
  • My friend Carrie, who is one of CR's best friends from college, recently started a pizza blog, which is currently my favorite thing on the internet. Carrie and her husband have weekly tradition of making homemade pizza (something we were treated to when we visited them last month!), which they are now documenting on her blog, The Pizza Sunday Blog. Not only does it share a bit of their lives, but also the recipes they are trying out, and tips they have learned along the way. I can't wait to try more of their pizzas when we see them again in a few months!
  • I wish I had every item from Kecia's outfit - the cutest work outfit I think I've ever seen. 

  • I've been wearing my white jeans so much that I'm tempted to get a distressed pair too - the distressing on this Vigoss pair (now on sale!) is just the right amount. Why can't all distressed jeans look like that?!
  • I love work dresses that just have that little special detail - in the case of this sheath dress from Kohl's, it's the adorable scalloped hemline. If it wasn't on the shorter side, I would totally order it!
  • I love these elastic top shoes from Tory Burch! They look like they'd be so comfy. 

ask me anything
  • Where did you buy your bedding and headboard?
  • How do you assess what's a "good sale"? I get so many ads in my e-mail telling me about sales it's hard to know which ones are actually worth it! For example, I've seen LOFT have 40% sales, but I'm not sure if they'd go any cheaper - like, say, 60% sales. I want to buy items during sales when I'm going to get the best bang for my buck.
    • For me, I think any sale that is 40% or more is a great sale, and I almost always wait for one of those from places that regularly have those types of sales (Gap/Banana, Ann Taylor/Loft) before I buy something. For example, I was at a Loft store this week, and tried on (and fell in love with) this beautiful goldenrod blouse, but it was only 25% off. I waited, and now it's 40% off, which is an acceptable percent off. There is always the option, although it takes a bit of hassle, to order something when it's say, 40% off, and if in three days there's a flash sale for 60% off, you order it again, and just return the 40% off order. I've only done that a time or two when the difference was worth the hassle. 
  • I was just wondering what your recommended "classic pieces" or "wardrobe staples" were? I feel like I have quite a few unique pieces but lack the basics.
    • This is one of those things that is so different for everyone, just depending on what you do for a living and so on, but there are some general items that probably most of us will wear. Top of the list are a great pair of blue jeans (my favorites include Madewell's skinny skinny) and I personally have gotten even more wear out of black jeans (Paige makes amazing jeans). A pair of flats (my go-to are the Tory Burch Revas) and a pair of boots (hoping the TB boots I ordered, and should be here Tuesday, will fill that hole for me!). A few simple tops you can mix and match with (mine are almost all from Loft, go figure), and a nice leather or gold watch top it off, are great closet staples. Those really are basics for me that have carried me through. I wrote a piece a few months ago about this too that shares what are my own closet staples :)

on franish

notable sales

at home
  • I'm hoooome! For a whole two months!! While I love getting to explore different parts of the state/country, home really is where the heart is. I've missed my boys (...and the cat), so I'm excited to get back into a normal routine at home. While CR will be gone for parts of my time home, he will be close enough that we can see each other at least every weekend, if not some weekdays too!
  • Now I start two months of family medicine, and I'll be honest, I'm a bit nervous! I haven't done family med since last June, and have spent the better part of the last six months in ObGyn land, so things may be a bit rusty for me at first...good thing I'm dating someone who loves family medicine ;)
  • Now that I have normal access to a kitchen, and back near my gym/home gym, I'm excited to get back into cooking lots of veggies and working out again. Has anyone made anything particularly yummy lately? I'd love to hear any good recipes you've tried!