Sunday, July 17, 2016

top three [07.17.2016]

missing my babies...only one week left until we are reunited :)

  • Cutis verticis gyrata is a condition I learned about this week from Elyse's snapchat. It is a condition of the scalp that causes thickened folds and furrows to appear as if they were the gyri and sulci of the brain
  • Twiddler's Syndrome refers to the malfunction of a pacemaker due to the patient's "twiddling" with it!
  • Latisse, the drug that enhances the growth of eyelashes, was actually initially being developed as a glaucoma treatment...until researchers noticed a change in the participant's eyelashes!

on the internet

  • I love a great wrap dress, but I love a beautiful wrap dress even more. Topshop's blush version is so pretty, right?! It would be so great with some nude shoes and gold jewelry. 
  • One of the items I can't wait to add to my closet this fall is an olive twill top - it's the perfect chambray alternative, especially if you don't want to wear blue denim on top of blue denim!
  • Another item I'm going to add is a pair of cool loafers (considering this cutout pair from Vince Camuto). I used to wear loafters all the time, no idea why I ever stopped!

ask me anything
  • I really want to start a blog but I don't even know where to begin. Do I pay for a domain name? What photography tools should I be using to help me along the way? I know you kind of learn a lot as you go along, but I'd find it really helpful to hear your story on how you started and your tips. What basics could you recommend for someone just starting out?
    • Yay! I love blogging, and feel I've learned a lot along the way that I wish someone had told me (they probably did, I just didn't realize how important it was at the time!). Here are some tips and answers to your questions!
    • I personally wish I had purchased my domain right when I started. I just wasn't thinking long term, and by the time I went to buy, it was several thousand dollars because someone was sitting on it! I watched the price increase every year (it's currently at $4300), and finally just decided I had to go with something else because not only was the domain taken, but so were some of the social media names! So that's why everything on here is now Franish the Blog (which I still am not too happy with, but couldn't think of a different alternative). So! My tip would be to at least reserve the domain name and social media names as soon as you come up with a blog name. 
    • I was lucky to already own a DSLR when I started blogging, but did a few things over the years to improve my photography. I initially used the kit lens that came with my camera (see an example of those pictures here...look at that dark hair! and all those colors haha) but eventually bought a 50mm lens, which is the lens I used until about two months ago (see an example of that photography here - you get the nice blurred background with the 50 mm lens). Then I eventually added an 85 mm lens (example here), which still gives you the nice blurred background but I think makes me look sharper in the pictures. That being do not need to buy all these things right away!! That was my camera journey over the past five years, and if you want a little secret...we still shot in automatic. Neither CR nor I have really had the time to figure out how to shot in manual, so we really just take pictures in "ideal" situations (in the shade, not in the middle of the day) rather than learning how to work around that. If you think you'll be pretty serious about blogging, or enjoy photography, I'd suggest looking into getting a DSLR second hand, and starting from there.
    • As far as photo editing goes, for many years I just used iPhoto, but I bought a copy of Lightroom on eBay for like $10, and it has made such a difference! I can control so much more about the pictures, and add filters (you can buy them on Etsy - this is a pack I just purchased) and so on. It takes a little bit of playing around with everything to know how to use it, but I think it makes such a difference. I also bought an older version of photoshop on eBay, and use that to make my collages. 
    • And then you just start! You will figure it out as you go - I wish I hadn't accidentally deleted a ton of my old pictures, or else you could go back and see what my blog used to look like. It just takes time to figure out your blogging style, what you want to talk about, and how to get everything to look the way you want it to. I'm definitely not there yet, I'm still trying to figure it out all out, but blogging is supposed to be fun, so just have fun with it! Oh, and send me your link so I can follow :)
  • Is your favorite white tee still Everlane? I don't like having to wear camis, they're so uncomfortable!
    • YES! You guys, I live in my Everlane tees. LIVE IN THEM. Here's my review from years ago, and everything I said then stands today. I have tried out a ton of their tees over the years, but the cotton v-neck (I think their first product they made) is still my favorite. It holds its shape, it's sleeves are actually a full short sleeve, it's thin enough to be comfortable but opaque enough that you don't have to wear a cami. All around, still my favorite tee I own! I did notice they came out with a linen tee, and I'm very tempted by that charcoal version, so we will see how that holds up!
  • Do you ever still talk to your ex? (Long time reader - just curious. I'm happy to see you so happy with CR or as I like to think of him as Winnie the Pooh's Christopher Robin.)
    • You know, I haven't spoken with him since we broke up. For those of you who weren't around then, I dated a guy for over five years before I moved for medical school. About three months into school, we just couldn't make it work (and to be honest, it wasn't really working before I moved). It was pretty amicable at the time of the break up, it's all the things I found out later that make me not as amicable anymore ;) So no, we haven't spoken since then. And you're not too far off with your Christopher Robin thoughts :)

notable sales
  • Anthropologie: extra 30% off sale
    • How freaking adorable are these lace shorts?! I need to finally replace the pair of Target boxer shorts I've been wearing since college, and these may just be it!
    • And speaking of white clothing (...always), how cute would this slight peplum top look with some skinny jeans and a blazer for when it gets cold? I love it. 
    • The pattern of this skirt stand out, but the black + white makes it super versatile. 
  • J.Crew Factory: 40-60% off dressed up styles
    • One of my favorite items from JCF is my multistrand pearl necklace (see it on me here). It goes with everything (and is now $26!)
    • I also own their military style dress, and it's the best. It's the factory version of the original retail dress, and it just is the perfect summer dress. Highly recommend! (see it on me here).
    • And on its way to me is this simple shirt dress that I'm hoping I can wear the rest of this summer - doesn't it look so light weight and comfy? 
  • Nordstrom anniversary sale
    • Last year during the sale I purchased a pair of Zella leggings, and after wearing them nonstop for the past year, I broke down and purchased the cropped length as well. Reviews say to size down, but I went with a size large, and would say they are the perfect amount of snug (ie, I couldn't get into a medium if my life depended on it!).
    • After seeing AG jeans being recommended so.many.times on blogs over the years, I decided to order the distressed black pair, just to try for myself! Thank God for free return shipping ;)
    • My big debate I'm having with myself is if I can justify buying the Tory Burch boots I've been eyeing for literally years now. They are $200 less right now, and they are the wide calf version, which is awesome for those of us with muscular calves! My black boots are shot from the past two winters, so I'd love to replace them with these. Thoughts?

on franish
  • on the blog: talking about those damn pesky pores!
  • on the twitter: so proud of this tweet
  • what you missed on snapchat (@ fhasselhof): pre-morning report shenanigans 

at home
  • It has been a pretty busy week over here! I was on gyn surgery, which was great because I really enjoy being in the OR. I definitely got my suturing practice in this week! We also had presentations to give, and applications to prepare, so overall, it's been busy but so good. 
  • A few months ago I spoke with Racked after they reached out to me about the portrayal of average sized women in media. It's nice to see the discussion revolve around why there aren't more average sized women represented, since the most of us are "average". You can read the full article here!
  • CR and I met in Columbus yesterday, and had ourselves a few adventures for the day. We got donuts, got a delicious lunch, spent the afternoon at the zoo, and then went to a cute little gastropub for dinner. It was perfect. I'm working today, so we could only go for one day, but it was such a great day. What a fun city! Can't wait to go back and explore more :)