Friday, July 29, 2016

reviews: when you don't go shopping for several months...

Today I'm going to share some thoughts of items I've ordered over the past few weeks. I haven't done a review post since May! Since I spent all of May, June, and most of July in scrubs/lounge clothes, I also didn't really buy a lot of clothes...but now with more free time and a business casual dress code, I have been extra online shopping happy. Here are the things I've ordered, and my thoughts on them!

 loft dot cascade shell
First up is this Loft shell, which I actually ordered before I saw it on Kecia, but then was even that much more excited when I saw how cute it was on her. I ordered it in a size large. There are things I really really love about this top - obviously the pattern, the flattering neckline, the cute ruffle detail, and just how easily I can mix and match it with items in my closet. The only reason I'm on the fence about this one is because it's just the tiniest bit too short in the front, which makes it look slightly boxy on me - you can see how it hangs off me on the picture on the right. Is this me just being too picky? It would really only be an issue when I wore the top alone with pants, which may not ever actually happen - I'd probably only wear it tucked into a skirt or under a cardigan/blazer. Hmmm...I'm definitely torn on this one!

 loft modern henley blouse
The Loft item I'm definitely not torn about is this mustard blouse. I used to have this really great thrifted mustard cardigan I wore all.the.time, but it was getting really worn out, so I eventually I redonated it. Although some say blondes shouldn't wear yellow, I kinda love the mustard color against my hair. Anyway, this blouse is also in a size large. It has a nice flowy feel to it, it's long enough on me (also comes in petite for you smaller framed ladies), and overall I'm just excited to wear it. Plans already include pairing it with white jeans now, with my go-to black pants for work, and with distressed jeans on the weekend. All Loft tops are currently 40% off, bringing this top in under $30. I bet it would look good on so many of you ladies, no matter your hair color!

 LOFT - Striped Jacquard Pencil Skirt
I actually ordered this jacquard skirt several weeks ago, but hadn't had a chance to open the package until I came back home this past weekend (side note: it's currently 50% off!). Online, this skirt is a fairly muted blush, but it's definitely more pink in real life. I'm wearing a size 12 here, which is my normal pants/skirt size. If you are between sizes, I'd suggest going up, just because it does lean towards the tighter size. I wore it all day yesterday though, and felt it was comfortable at the size I have. I like that it's a bit different from the other solid skirts in my closet, and the blush, white, and black in the skirt means it's fairly versatile (at least, in my closet it would be). The skirt is a standard lined, zip back skirt, which means it has a bit more structure to it, which helps suck everything in....

 textured-stripe-pull-on-pencil-skirt opposed to their pull on skirt, which does none of those things. I will say this skirt was very comfortable (it's so stretchy!) but I found it very unflattering, which just actually made me more uncomfortable! For what it's worth, I'm wearing a large here, but I wouldn't really recommend this skirt if you are like me and like everything to be a bit more...structured in those areas.

 cluster flutter sleeve dress
The last Loft item, and arguably the one I'm most disappointed about, is the flutter dress I mentioned this past weekend. The first disappointing factor is that those clusters in the pattern are actually pink, not white like they look online! The fabric is a super comfortable rayon/spandex material, which makes it just really drapey and light weight, and really...just comfy! But I found the thick elastic waist band in the middle not as flattering, which really takes away from how much I wanted to love this dress. I'm wearing a size large. If this had a tie waist instead of elastic, and had white dots instead of pink ones, it would be my favorite dress in my entire closet. 

Next is a pair of 7 for all Mankind jeans - these are actually the first pair I've owned from the brand! You may remember the giveaway I did with Fitcode a few months ago - the giveaway was actually a part of a blogging competition which I won (yay!). My prize was picking out a pair of designer jeans, and I'd been saving that waiting for the perfect pair of ripped jeans to show up. When I saw this pair pop up under my fitcode, I knew these were it! I'm wearing my normal size 31 here, and I think they fit perfectly true to size. They are a cotton/poly/spandex blend, making them stretchy and so comfortable. The waist is high enough to be flattering (I like them just a bit higher to help streamline my stomach/hips), and with its 30.5 inch inseam, they are the perfect length on me. They are actually currently on sale, and while still pricey, I would 100% pay for them with my own money. Fitcode did not ask me to discuss these jeans, but I really love the service, and all the jeans they've ever recommended for me, so if you find jean shopping as much of a pain in the ass as I do, make sure you check them out.

 J Brand '811' Ankle Skinny Jeans (Arcadia)
If you follow along on snapchat, you may remember that I was trying to decide between ordering the J.Brand skinny jeans and the AG skinny jeans from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Well, I ended up ordering both (hello, free returns!), and am keeping neither. Above you can see the J.Brand jeans. Reviews said they run small, so I'm wearing a 32. I just don't really like these jeans. I find the distressing odd as it is only on the knees, which really just looks kind of weird to me. I also didn't like the frayed hem, which is something I overlooked when I ordered them. Like I said, these will be going back, but if you are interested in them, they are currently on sale for $124, down from $188. I didn't take pictures of the AG jeans, but they didn't look great on me either. They were a faded black, which I didn't like since they just look really worn out. They were also a bit too short on me, so both are going back. 
Halogen® Zip Back Crewneck Cashmere Sweater
Last fall, I purchased a tan sweater from Aritizia that turned out to be a dud. I was pretty bummed at the time because I really wanted a tan sweater, and because it was so expensive. I ended up contacting customer service at some of your suggestions, and they were kind enough to take the sweater back in exchange for store credit. Great for my wallet, but I was still missing that tan sweater I wanted! When I saw this cashmere version included in the NSale, I decided it was time to try again. This is a 100% cashmere sweater, and I'm wearing a size large. What's there really to say other than it is so soft and comfortable, it has a longer length to it (but also comes in petite if that would be too large for your frame), and has a nice rich camel color (it's a bit darker in real life than on the website). Currently on sale for $90, it's pricey, but also something I will wear for falls/winters to come. 

 Merino Wool Wrap Cardigan
Another item I mentioned in a top three post is Banana Republic's wrap cardigan. The former dancer in me LOVES this cardigan, and to be honest, if BR had any sort of sale going on that day, I would have immediately purchased it. It is 100% merino wool, and I'm wearing a size large here in the gray sky color. As soon as BR has a good 40-50% off sale, I'm definitely ordering this. I imagine it paired with black dress pants and capped toe shoes for work, and with distressed denim and colorful flats on the weekend. LOVE. 
Crochet Pajama Shorts Black/Ivory
The last item I wanted to mention is a bit random for these review posts. My bestie Caitlin loves bra shopping at Soma, and so while I was firmly a VS kind of girl, I went into a store the other week just to see if I ran across anything I liked. I ended up buying one of their bras (their shop girls were so so helpful!), and while there, tried on one of their "cool night" shorts (the fabric supposedly keeps you cool all night, which is so necessary during these warm nights!). I fell in love with how great the fabric felt, and since my pajama shorts collection is basically at zero now that I've gotten rid of the old boxer shorts I used to wear, I had to purchase these adorable crochet pair when I ordered a few pairs of underwear online last week. While pricey at $40 for a pair of shorts you wear to bed, you can find heaps of coupons online for 20% off...and really, feeling comfortable while you sleep is priceless, right? ;)

And...that's "all" ;)   

p.s. my phone case is from casetify and I'm obsessed with it

p.p.s. my July budget post will be up on Monday!