Sunday, July 31, 2016

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  • "Popeye sign" is a term used to describe what a biceps tendon rupture looks like. I saw one this week, and it really does look like Popeye's arm!
  • An "en caul" birth is when a baby is born still in its amniotic sac. I saw this video posted (from Glamour, of all places), and found it fascinating!
  • Ankylosing spondylitis is a disease that causes the fusion of the spine and sacroiliac joints. It has the nickname of "bamboo spine" because of how it looks on x-ray and because of how stiff the spine becomes. 

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  • I was wondering what necklace you seem to be wearing in all your posts. The one I am referring to consists of a chain with a single gem. I love the simple, classic design and would be really interested in purchasing (or suggesting to my significant other) the same one or a similar version!
    • My diamond necklace was a gift from my parents for my 18th birthday, and I've been wearing it almost nonstop since then. The diamond is actually a family heirloom, but the style is pretty common - it's called a floating diamond. You can get that style at a jewelry store if you want a real diamond, or if you want to try out the style first, I found a very similar style on Etsy as well. 
  • Did you watch the Steve Avery documentary? How did it make you feel about how Wisconsin was portrayed?
    • We did watch it. I didn't really love the first episode, but once you got past the Wisconsin stereotypes, it was a compelling show for sure. I grew up on the other side of the state and was in middle school/early high school when the cases were happening, so I don't remember them actually happening. I guess I never really thought about how the show reflected on the entire state of Wisconsin, rather than a crooked police system in one part of the state. I guess maybe we should clarify that not at all our accents are that bad either ;)
  • I was curious when and how you take pictures with your busy schedule? For example - do you take them before you leave for clinical or after clinical? Do you take a bunch of pics with outfit changes on one day and then spread out the posts? Does CR take your pics or do you use a tripod? 
    • When I take pictures, which how often that happens is highly dependent on what rotation I am on, happens before work. I can only take pictures if I don't have to be at work until 8:30 or 9, since I need to wait for the sun to be up, and I have to drive 30-40 minutes before getting to work, which is not in a photogenic area. Now that CR and I have separate schedules, I am back to taking most of my own work outfit pictures. I use this tripod and this remote - both are key! For my casual outfits, CR takes most of them. I wish he could take all of them, as the pictures always turn out better, and it's so much easier!

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  • on the blog: Loft does it again...and again...and again. 
  • on the instagram: stepping back into the white coat...10 months until it gets burned!
  • on the twitter: I can't wait until Tuesday - this will be my first time watching. Also, not excited about Monday night - I don't want either to win!

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  • We got our board scores this week and want to know something disgusting? CR and I got the exact same score. Besides that, we are very happy about how this round of testing worked out for us. 
  • This weekend, we spent the weekend up in Allegheny State Park camping with CR's family. Besides the four hours of heavy rain on Saturday morning, we had such a great time! It was nice to just be outside, away from technology (my phone had absolutely no service), and cooking over a fire. The dogs had a blast too!
  • I finished my first week of family medicine this week. After months and months on the ObGyn service, it's been nice to have a change of pace and learn about different sides of medicine again. I saw some pretty interesting cases this week!