Wednesday, September 4, 2013

liar liar

Dress: Gap [very similar]
Bag: Target [exact]
Shoes: Banana Republic c/o Chippmunk [exact]
Belt: H&M

So...I didn't actually wear this anywhere. I had every intention of actually wearing this to school last week. I got up, got dressed, and was all ready to go to school...when I realized that school didn't start for another two hours, which in itself isn't a bad thing since it meant more free time (LOL yeah right - more time to study). Then I realized that in the afternoon I was going to have to change twice at school, and doing that while wearing a slip (I wear this one) was going to be really uncomfortable in a shared open locker room. So I wore my pencil pants and a chambray shirt instead. 

But I took these pictures, and I liked the outfit, so here it is. My pretend outfit that never made it past my garage.