Thursday, September 26, 2013

everlane ryan tee review

everlane ryan tee
Ever since I purchased my first white Everlane white tee (see the review here), I've become a total convert, to the point that I'm refusing to purchase a tee from anywhere else. Through their reward program, I've been able to accumulate a little collection of tees that I wear non-stop. Once they came out with their Ryan Collection, I "purchased" one as well. I ordered the white, and it's been my go-to shirt every day when I get home from school. Everlane was so gracious and offered to let me review another item on here, so I choose to get the Ryan tee in grey. 

Let me say that going in on my first purchase of this tee, I knew this would not be the most flattering shirt on me. These looser, drapey, round neckline shirts are not meant for someone who is more busty and hour glass shaped. We need something that adds a bit of an angle to our shape (with a v-neck) and something that comes in at our waist, but the longer sleeves and soft fabric were calling my name. 
everlane ryan tee review
So as you can see, not the most flattering on me. I'm 5'9'' and pretty proportional in the torso/legs ratio, and I find this shirt just a tiny bit too short on me. The model online is also apparently 5'9'' but she may be more legs than torso, which is why it looks longer on her. The sleeve length is great - I love having a bit of a longer sleeve that isn't tight on my arms. The little pocket on the front varies between shirts - on my white shirt it's very loose and flappy, while it's a bit tighter on this one. The rounded neckline again isn't the best on my shape, but it hits right where my cleavage starts (just like the v-necks) which is nice if you don't want to wear a tank underneath it. 

But you guys...I love this shirt. I love it for hanging out around the house, for wearing under blazers, and for studying. I seriously wear one or the other just about every evening. I personally probably will not wear this alone like I would the v-necks because it's not a flattering shape on me, but if you are all clavicles and wispy-ness, this shirt will look awesome on you for all occasions. If you don't care what it looks on and just want to wear the most comfortable tee ever, order one pronto. I would love if Everlane made a similar style (looser, longer sleeves) but with a v-neck instead - hint hint! ;)

But for anatomy studying all night every night? Amazing.

Thank you to Everlane for providing me with the credit to receive this shirt. I'm a big Everlane supporter, and can't wait to see what all they come out with next! If you would like to try it out for yourself, you can sign up here. If you purchase within the first 24 hours of signing up, you get free returns (if you want to return!) and I receive a $20 store credit.