Monday, September 30, 2013

september budget

1. Sole Society Whitney Pump [seen here]: originally $65, with giftcard: $0
2. Forever 21 Cardigan [seen here]: $28
3. H&M Blouse [seen here]: $35
4. Gap Ponte Pants: originally $70 + 35% off + rewards + giftcard from Audrey: $1
5. JC Penneys Striped Tee [seen here]: $15 + 10% off code: $13
6. The Limited Skinny Pants [seen here]: originally $70 + 40% off = $42
7. J.Crew Factory Sylvia Wedge [seen here]: originally $120 + 40% off + 15% student discount: $60
8. Forever 21 Sleek Button Down: $18

= $197

= $500 quarterly budget - $120 in August - $197 in September = $173 left for October

This month was a big month of "staples" for me. I've worn the wedges, the striped tee, the maroon pants, and the sweater at least 5-10 times each since I bought them, and I don't really see that changing any time soon. I just really really like each of the pieces! I haven't received the pants from the Gap yet, but included them here anyway in hopes that they work out - I'll be sure to review them when they come since several of you seemed interested in them. I had also purchased this ring in black ($40 was with the remaining gift card from Nordstrom) but I will be returning it to wait for the next size up to come back into stock because I want to wear it on my middle finger and the current size is too small.

This whole quarterly budget thing is working out pretty well - I'm mostly still trying to stick to around $150 a month just to not get too carried away. Like I mentioned a few days ago, I received $100 from my grandma for my birthday, so I'm hoping to use that to buy a pair of black boots. Several of you suggested this pair, so I will try to see if I can't get my hands (or feet- har har) on them! I'm still itching for a pair of navy ankle pants, and many of you have said that you really like these pants from Banana Republic, so I may order some the next time they have a really great promotion going on. For those of you who have them, how do they run? Did you get the regular or the tall sizing (if you are taller)? I also would like to try on this blouse that I saw on instagram here. Other than that, nothing is really planned for the remaining budget as I feel pretty good about where I am right now. School will be changing for me again at the end of October when we are finished with anatomy - I won't have to be in lecture as often/as many days a week so I don't really want to jump the gun on buying things I may or may not actually wear.

During last month's post, Elaine asked if I could include the pieces I receive from companies as a part of my budget posts, and I think that's a really great idea. If I'm going to say that I'm on a budget, and portray the financial goals of someone on a "budget", the the pieces I receive for free as a sidekick from blogging should be included as it gives a more well-rounded idea of what is actually going into my closet. This month I was given the opportunity to review an Everlane tee, wear a fun polka dot scarf from Surfdome, wore and gave away a bracelet from Color by Amber, and received a ring, earrings, and two necklaces from Tryst Jewellery.

As a side note, I purchased a pair of Joe's Jeans from eBay a few months ago, which turns out was pretty poor planning on my part. I got them right when I was finishing my job, and there was no way I was going to spend my summer in jeans, and now when I do wear jeans I'm not looking to wear heels with them and just stick to my skinny jeans. If you are interested, I'm selling them for $50 (the price I paid) + shipping - send me an email at fhasselhof(@) if you are interested or would like to see pictures! They are a size 32, "Honey" style,  and have (I think) a 35 inch inseam (they are too long on me in flats, and I'm 5'9''+ for reference). They look basically unworn, I just don't think I need to keep them in my closet if I'm not wearing them.

Okay, your turn! Please let us know how you did sticking to your budget - please make sure you link back to this post so your readers can discover other budgeting bloggers :)