Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Say hello to the last time you're going to see this purse. 

For my birthday + white coat ceremony, my parents gave me this beautiful purse in a fun bright coral. My mom has the same one, and I've been admiring it for months. After looking at my tote collection, between my Madewell bag, the Merona one I'm currently stuffing into my tiny locker, the Hobo bag, and the Phillip Lim for Target bag, I have way too many bags for school. As much as I like the PLFT bag, it was the one I would be okay with not having, as much as I do like it. I sold it to my girl Hannah, who missed out on all of the bags in her city, so that money now goes back into my budget, she gets a beautiful bag, and I get to add a bit more color to my bag collection. I'll only be using it on days where I won't have to stuff a bunch of books into it (and then stuff that into my locker) because it's way too beautiful, but lucky for me, that time in medical school will be over in 4 short weeks (when anatomy is over!).

And speaking of budget, two things! First, budgeting bloggers will be going up bright and early on Monday. Second, my grandma gave me $100 for my birthday, and I want to use it to buy black boots. I've been looking around to see what the second year girls at my school wear, and it looks like boots are pretty acceptable to the dress code. Thanks to all of your suggestions about the kind of pants I am looking for! Turns out the simple term I was looking for was ponte pants (derp) - I took Lainey's advice and ordered these pants from the Gap during their recent 35% off promotion and with a Gap reward + birthday present gift card from the amazing Audrey, they cost me $1 so I really hope they work out! I also heard that they have some amazing pairs of Calvin Klein ponte pants at Costco for $16 so if you have a membership, it's definitely worth checking out!

As far as boots go, I have a couple of criteria: under $150, no heel, wide enough to fit my calves (obviously), not too many buckles, leather in anticipation of all the snow coming this winter, simple but not boring. Maybe something like this one from DSW that are fun because it's OTK but understated, these that are made especially for wide calves, or these from DSW that remind me a lot of the much more expensive Tory Burch boots. Any favorites or recommendations?DSC08500
Shirt: H&M
Pants: The Limited [exact]
Necklace: Groopdealz
Shoes: Tory Burch [exact]
Bag: Phillip Lim for Target [exact]
Watch: Fossil [almost exact]

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