Tuesday, September 24, 2013

self-gifting: burberry langford trench

Just over a year ago, a friend of mine was telling me how for every paycheck she receives, she puts a small portion into a separate savings account to save up money over the year to buy herself something for her birthday. I thought that was a great idea so I was a total copy cat and did the same by tucking $10 from every paycheck away. 

In June when I was working through cleaning out my closet in preparation of the move, I took a long hard look at my coats and decided that even though the Burberry jacket I got at Goodwill was a once in a lifetime thrifting find, I wasn't wearing it very much. I started looking on eBay to see how much they were going for, and realized they were going for around $250-$300. While in Seattle, I made Bri go to Nordstrom with me (I really had to drag her there kicking and screaming) so I could try on the Burberry trench coats because we don't have a Nordstrom in the state of Wisconsin, and we definitely don't have a Burberry store, so I really just wanted to see the coats in person to get an idea of sizing. 

The very next day, Caroline told me that the jacket we had been discussing for months was 50% off because there were only a few select sizes left, one which happened to be mine. Even though I hadn't sold the thrifted Burberry yet, I knew that this jacket at this price was not something that would happen often, and that I would be able to sell the thrifted Burberry at some point. I purchased the coat, and it was waiting for me when I got back from Seattle. After careful consideration, and an email exchange with Jean, I took my pretty new jacket to the tailor. Jean said to be cautious of taking an expensive piece like this to the tailor, but I've had really great experiences with them in the past. A week later (the day before my move), I picked up my coat with the waist taken in, and the sleeves shortened to the proper length. The tailor did a great job, and I'm so happy that it now fits me correctly.

Last week (after several re-listings) I sold the thrifted Burberry jacket for $300, so that thrifting gem plus my birthday money saved up over the year allowed me to buy this beautiful coat without taking any money out of my budget. It's extravagant and unnecessary, but something I truly love and will have for the rest of my life.

So that's the story of me and the Burb.  Maybe next year I should buy myself a clothing steamer...or a polka dot trench coat ;)

Trench: Burberry [exact]
Pants: Banana Republic [exact]
Scarf: gift from my Oma
Nails: Essie Chinchilly [exact]