Sunday, June 19, 2016

top three [06.19.2016]

my favorite little corner of our house 

  • Chromosome 5p deletion is also known as Cri du chat, as this genetic disorder causes infants to sound like a crying cat when they are crying. Here's an example of the cry.
  • Stevens Johnson syndrome is a type of hypersensitivity reaction where your body reacts to certain types of medications. It causes mucocutenous lesions to appear that eventually can spread to other parts of your body. If more than 30% of your body is covered by these lesions, it's known as toxic epidermal necrosis. I'll let you google that, if you're so inclined, as the pictures are pretty gruesome. 
  • Eikenella is a type of bacteria that lives in our mouths that if grown on agar supposedly smells like bleach!

on the internet
  • I love a good beauty review post - Veronika makes me want to try allllll of those items!
  • Grace, killing it in a jumpsuit. What can't she do?!
  • Style sudoku is the coolest "blogging challenge" I've seen in years - remember when those were still a thing in blogging?! We need more of them. Love this fun idea, Kimi!


ask me anything
  • What do you think about double majoring? Is it worth it to get accepted into medical school?
    • I think you should double major if YOU want to double major, not because you think it'll help your med school application. I was a double major by chance (I was so close to being done with my German degree by the time I started taking science classes that it would have been silly to stop), but I don't know if that really did anything for my applications. If you are far enough into a second major, or you just really love something, you should definitely go for it if you can make it work! Just don't do it because you think it'll help your application though. 
  • I would be super interested in seeing a post about your invisalign experience. I've been considering getting them myself.
    • I actually did one a few months ago all about it! I am very happy with my results :)
  • I was just wondering how you take your pictures? They are all beautiful.
    • You are so sweet, thank you. I am going to say outright that I am not good at photography, neither is my boyfriend, and really it all comes down to the equipment rather than our skill set. I have a Sony DSLR I bought six years ago, and now use an 85mm lens on automatic (I used the 50mm in the past too) to shoot all of my outfit pictures. So combined with just finding shady areas while it's bright outside, and the use of Lightroom to edit my pictures, that's about as complicated as it gets for me! I really wish I knew how to take pictures better, but CR and I just haven't found a time to really learn how to use the manual settings on my camera. Some day I'd really love to do that though - maybe this year will be the year! 

on franish
  • on the blog: sharing what a typical study day looks like around here
  • on the instagram: you'll find inspiration in the most random the cookie shop. 
  • on the twitter: can't recommend Maru enough! if you are looking for someone to do your redesign, she's your girl!

notable sales
  • J.Crew: 40% off summer essentials
    • I'm as shocked as you are that I don't own a chambray dress yet! May just have to pick up that know, just to try!
    • Now that I'm starting to think about residency interview suits, I've been keeping my eye out for nice tops to go with said suit. I kind of love this minimal ruffled blouse as an option!
    • I love the slightly larger than life ties for their poplin wrap dress - cute, right? 
  • Loft: 40% off 
    • Yaaaaassss, Loft killing it with the fringe wrap romper - so fun!
    • An equally cute, but more work appropriate, chevron dress you'll wear now with sandals and later with boots and a cardigan.
    • Their jacquard skirt is really different from anything else in my closet, but...I kind of want it? 
  • Madewell: 25% off select summer pieces
    • Jealous of all you ladies who can wear higher heeled shoes all the time - I'd love to own and wear this leather sandal pair all summer long!
    • I swear, one of these summers I'm going to finally try a jumpsuit that looks good on me - until then, I'll dream about this pretty lace version instead. 
    • If you've been looking for a pair of minimalist sandals for the summer, look no further

at home
  • Have you guys heard the new song from Mumford and Sons? I can't stop listening to it. 
  • I took the USMLE board exam on Thursday, and boy, was it a long day. It's 8 blocks of 44 questions, and it takes 8 hours to complete. I feel pretty good about my performance on it but of course now I try to remember questions and am totally second guessing myself! Now tomorrow we take COMLEX, and then I'm officially done with taking written board exams while in medical school. We have the physical exam boards on Friday, and then NO MORE EXAMS. I can hardly believe it. 
  • Starting next week I will be living in Dayton, Ohio for a month, so if any of you are from the area, I'd love to hear any suggestions you have for me!