Sunday, June 26, 2016

top three [06.26.2016]

Jessica shared this article recently, and now I need to figure out how to exploit Hansi for his cuteness

  • Rifampin, an antibiotic, is known to turn your urine (and eyeballs!) orange. Don't worry, it's not permanent. 
  • The stethoscope was invented for modesty's sake - it meant doctors no longer had to press their ears against their patients' chests. 
  • The Babinski reflex is a reflex that is tested by stimulated the foot with a blunt object. In you and I, this would cause our toes to flex down. In an infant, or someone with a central nervous system injury, it would cause the toes to extend up. 

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  • What have you learned on rotations that help you take better care of yourself physically?
    • Ohh, that is such a great question! Honestly, one of the biggest things for me was that now I'm pretty vigilant about my preventative medicine practices. I was disappointed that so many of the patients I saw weren't willing to go through the various cancer screenings we offer (that for the most part are easy and that truly save lives!), and then I realized that I personally was slightly past due for a Pap smear. I felt like such a hypocrite, and immediately went about finding a new gynecologist (as we had just moved). I also really do try to exercise three times a week, minimum. Your health and body is a one time thing, and while I truly believe in everything in moderation, I think taking the time out of the week to get your body moving is so good. 
  • Which residencies do you and CR want to be matched into?
    • I will be applying for ObGyn, and CR is applying for family medicine.
  • I will be going to a birthday party next month where the dress code is "Night Out". I also prefer to dress more on the conservative side, and it's pretty difficult to find an outfit that fits both categories! I was wondering if you have any recommendations?
    • Ohhh, that is pretty tough combo, especially if you aren't constantly going out! I would also have a similar problem, so here's what I would do. I personally would wear dark skinny jeans (my favorites are from Madewell, but these are similar and cheaper), some cute wedges (these Caslon ones are adorable and under $60), and then a fun top that is still somewhat more covered up. Two options are this Lush top (that I also own) that would look great with some sparkly earrings, or if you want to go just a bit more daring, something that's off the shoulder but still has a strap, like this top from Target. 

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  • DONE! so so done! We took our last exam of medical school on Friday and man, does it feel good. I have a whole post coming up in some months about the numbers of medical school, but as a sneak peak, we took 102 exams over the past three years. And more!
  • After our exam on Friday we went to a Dave Matthews Band concert and it was the perfect end to the day (except the part where some roid raging bro came and tried to fight us for standing during the concert? yeah, that actually happened). In two weeks we see DMB again, but this time we will be in the pit - I can't wait! 
  • On Saturday we drove down to Delaware to visit CR's best friends from college and we had so much fun - day drinking, playing games, dinner, and pizza - what more could you want?! Now we are on the 6 hour drive home, and then I have to throw my life into a suitcase to move to Dayton for the month. Thank you to everyone who left suggestions in my last post - I can't wait to try out all of the places you guys recommended!