Thursday, June 15, 2017

visiting kylemore abbey

Women's Cargo Vest Dark Green - Mossimo
You know who's supposedly a style blogger, goes on vacation, and forgot her memory card for her fancy camera?

This girl.

I didn't notice until we went to go take outfit pictures on one of the last days of the trip, which is why I didn't go and buy a new one. I was still so mad at myself! Luckily I remembered this post that AJ wrote some months ago about the portrait mode on iPhones working pretty well in these kind of situations, and you know what, it actually worked pretty well!

Anyway, enough about #bloggerproblems. These were taken on our last full day in Ireland, when we drove from Galway to visit Kylemore Abbey. What a beautiful place! Built in the 1800s, it is a former castle turned monastery situated on a gorgeous lake in Connemara, about an hour north west of Galway. I saw pictures of it while doing my research for our trip, and knew I wanted to go see it. Unfortunately, half of the building was undergoing renovations (as you can see in some of the pictures) but it didn't take away from the real estate message of location location location! It is seriously stunning. I really wish we had had more time to go walk through the gardens, as everyone says they are gorgeous...but as always, we need something to come back for, so next time!

The weather in Ireland was the best because it was cool all the time - you guys know that summer weather is not my favorite, so having a week in 50-60 degree weather was amazing! I wore a variation of this outfit most days we were there. I've owned this vest from Target for a few months now, but just realized it's the first time I've actually shown it on the blog! If you were reading blogs about 4-5 years ago, you know that these olive vests were a big thing then...and I actually owned a similar version that I donated two years ago because I wasn't wearing it anymore. Well, here we are, now I own another version. I actually like this Target version so much more though - it's longer and drapers nicer than my previous version. It's just the perfect layering piece that adds a bit of warmth and a lot more interest than if I had just worn a long sleeved tee. Anyway, I'm a big fan of it!
what to wear in ireland
kylemore abbey
vest //  target [exact]
jeans // gap [exact now 50% off]
tee // banana republic [exact]
scarf //  ann taylor [similar]
shoes // michael kors [exact - debating getting the black ones!]
purse // coach [similar]