Wednesday, June 7, 2017

wedding wednesday: engagement pictures

I'm so excited to share a few of our favorite pictures from our recent engagement shoot! We've had them for a few weeks now (we even already ordered our Save the Dates!) but it's been so busy that I'm just now able to share them with you guys.

I always knew I wanted to do something really soft and pretty outside for pictures. When I was looking for inspiration online, everything I liked were taken outside. But I also wanted us to be a bit dressier, so finding a location that made sense for both was a bit difficult because we wanted to take them with our wedding photographer, who is located in Rochester, NY, where I'm not from. I was researching picture locations online, with one of the places suggesting Highland park. I asked CR about it, and he said that that's where the annual lilac festival is...and wouldn't you know it, the weekend we had planned to take pictures was the weekend the festival was supposed to happen. Our photographer wasn't initially convinced it was going to work because the area of the festival is full of food trucks and people, and if the lilacs were even in bloom (they aren't always blooming the actual week of the festival), there would be so many people around. I was somehow convinced it was going to work out anyway, so I insisted we try it.

So we agreed to meet at 8 AM, hoping to beat the crowds. We got lucky in that sense, because the whole time we were there, we only saw two people. But that may be because it was drizzling/misting basically the whole time we were there! My curls lasted even less than they usually do, but I think you can't even tell in the pictures that the weather conditions were less than ideal - if nothing else, the cloud cover really made for some great lighting. We also got so lucky because the lilacs were actually blooming!  I love how the photographs turned out, and I'm so glad we worked with our photographer once before the wedding because we got some of the kinks out, and feel more comfortable taking pictures together. There are a few pictures that are not our favorite, but those are in the minority.

As far as what we wanted to wear, I knew I wanted a white dress. I ordered and tried on several, but fell in love with the Leith pleated dress. It was just the perfect combination of dressy enough without being stiff. I didn't really know what shoes to wear, but didn't really stress out about it too much because I knew you would hardly see them in our pictures, so I wore my Jack Rogers sandals as they were thin and not really noticeable (also, I just noticed that they are finally on sale! They are my favorite summer sandal, so it may be time for that gold pair to be mine!). I kept everything else simple with just pearl earrings, my diamond necklace, and of course, my engagement ring. I wanted to look like myself, and myself is pretty simple ;) We decided on CR's outfit pretty much last minute, and went with navy pants and a striped dress shirt. We wanted it all to look as timeless as possible, and I think the combination turned out pretty good! We were debating doing an outfit change to something a bit more casual, but we ran out of time. I'm fine with just having this one outfit as the main reason for taking the pictures was for our Save the Dates, and having a few pretty pictures from this happy time in our lives is a great bonus.