Sunday, June 25, 2017

top three [06.25.2017]

a few updates around the house: actual chairs to sit on //  no trees :( // our new countertop!

spotted //
  • Buying denim shorts is pretty much the worst. I'm hopefully that this rolled pair from Gap is exactly what I've been looking for. 
  • A polka dotted linen skirt is basically the cutest thing I've seen all week. 
  • After spotting these Madewell jeans while at the mall yesterday, I decided it's time I finally try some higher waisted skinny jeans. I love the look on others, so I want to try to make it work for me too!

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ask me anything //
  • I'm an Ob/Gyn wannabe at medical school in Canada and applying for residency this year. Not sure if it's different in the US, but here we are encouraged to apply for more than one specialty to reduce the chances of going unmatched. I'm wondering whether you thought about applying to another specialty as a backup, and what you think you would have done if you'd had to deal with going unmatched.
    • Oh man, that's such a tough one to really answer because I know the matching system is different here in the US than it is in Canada. I chose not to apply to a back up speciality. I personally would have been really unhappy if I didn't get to do ObGyn, and it would have been unfair to a field like internal or family medicine for me to have that as my backup, because I just don't have the passion for it. All of my friends who are doing IM/FM really love it, and I know it wasn't for me. So while I was wrestling with the idea of having a backup, I chose to take a big chance and throw all my efforts into matching ObGyn. If I hadn't matched, which obviously is always a real possibility, I wasn't 100% sure what I was going to do. It's hard to answer now retrospectively - CR and I discussed me scrambling into to a transition year spot so that I could re-apply to ObGyn, but I am so so so thankful that I didn't have to go down that route. Best of luck in this crazy process!
  • What kind of bag did you bring around to classes during medical school? Would you recommend something more formal than a backpack?
    • During the week, I used a leather tote bag from Kate Spade (mine was very similar to this). My school had a dress code, so I liked looking a bit more pulled together. On the weekend, I would use my Everlane backpack for carrying all my books (and bookstand and noise canceling headphones and snacks) to the library. I personally liked having something a bit more formal for when I was at school, but that's just me! 
  • You graduated from a DO school, but are doing an MD residency. Will you be able to use both MD and DO after your name?
    • No, I earned a DO in medical school, so that's what goes after my name! 

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at home //
  • Lots of things happening at the house this week! We wrapped up "Phase 1" of the projects - so now everything is painted, all the receptacles and switches and hinges and door knobs are replaced, and all most lights are switched out. Now we are doing the fun things, like building floating shelves and painting the fireplace! My gold bookshelf also arrived, as did our dining room chairs (although still no table). It's slowly coming together!
  • One more week you guys, and I officially start residency! We have about two weeks of orientation, and then I start on gyn surgery. I am so nervous. 
  • My mom was here this week to help my sister move into her place and to help me with some house projects (hello, white fireplace!). It's been so nice to have family around and explore our new surroundings!