Monday, April 11, 2016

the best way to store your watches

how to store watches I used to not be a watch girl - I don't think I even owned one until after I graduated from college! Since then, I have slowly built up my collection. Obviously a watch's main function is to tell you the time, but I think they really help elevate any look. I love wearing my bigger gold watch with more casual outfits, while sticking with my thinner leather watches for my time (har har) at work. 

My ultimate wishlist watch is the Cartier tank watch, but it's looking like it'll probably be a few decades until that happens (doesn't mean I won't keep stalking eBay looking for one though!). Below are a few I've had my eye on - the Marc Jacobs has a pretty similar feel to the a bit of a more reasonable price ;)

After I owned a few watches, I didn't really know how to store them - for a while I just kept them all in a bowl! So I started looking for watch boxes, but all I could find where really masculine ones - think dark leathers, grey felt, and big hardware. I wanted something more feminine looking, so I was thrilled when I found the Mele watch box a few years ago. It's white, clean looking, and the best part, it's portable. It holds ten watches, so it's the perfect size to either keep your large collection in order, or have room for growth! 

Mele Adriana Jewelry Box
top row: Kate Spade | c/o Larsson & Jennings | Michael Kors [on sale!] | Fossil | Michael Kors
bottom row: c/o Daniel Wellington x 4 | Boccia

As you can see, I have over the past four years amassed quite the Daniel Wellington collection. The Classic Sheffield, with its black leather and gold case, is the most worn watch in my collection. I wear almost every single day, and it still looks as good as the day I received it years ago. DW recently reached out again, and offered to send me something new. I'm thrilled to now own the St. Mawes as well - as you can see from above, I don't really own a cognac leather strapped watch, and combined with its bright white face and classic hardware, it really is going to give my Sheffield a run for its money!

If you've had your eye on anything from Daniel Wellington, from watches to a new leather band, you can use the code FRANISH to receive 15% off your entire order. The code is good until May 15th! 
Classic St Mawes Rose Gold 36mm